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  • Published September 20, 2018
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At Yuko Company, you will see many hoses types, but the most important thing is you should know that Layflat slurry hose is minim to describe and discuss. The slurry is not like out and we cannot use oilvey 10 oil transfer hose to deliver it. It is manufactured from the ejection of thermoplastic polyether from polyurethane which has a high durability. It has a support system and it is made from round weaved thin strands. There is also the incorporated copper wire.

The layflat slurry hose will not have these features and benefits like it is heavy enough although it stills easily to handle. It operates with high pressure and resistant to fuel and chemicals. It is easy to fix, but there s not a compact storage system. It is resistance to UV radiation makes it functional and it is available in different colours. It is different to olivey that used to fuel terminals and depots, the lay flat slurry hose is only for slurry and industrial use.

Welcome to Mileflex PU. It is manufactured from forcefully ejected thermoplastic polyether. There are durable features in it. It is resistant to rupture, oil and chemicals, UV radiations, and it has uniform surfaces to make it very easy for the washing. The hose also similar to super aqueduct of angus. The hose is commonly used in open pit mines. There is an external lining of the hose which very thick and it makes the hose resistant to wear and tear. It help to prolong the lifespan of the hose. As one of the layflat slurry hose, we know if Mileflex has a standard length. It is around 200 meters but the longer length could be made available on your request.

Therefore, any kind of layflat slurry hose is better to discuss with us before you get the mistaken concept. Anything you desire to have in it, it is better to let us know, so that we can give you the best thing ever. We have the various pressure of it from 300 psi/ 21 bar to 150 psi/ 10 bar. The bigger nominal inches of it will have the lower pressure. It is equal for the slurry because it gives perfect things to show and manoeuvre. We are a think in the green company. We support the green environmental because the good company will not destroy the environments.

Yuko will not give you a disappointment. We offer only the high quality hoses for you and your industrial content and you will not spend much money on its maintenance and storage. You also could think more of its durability and reliability because all of them are perfect. Lay flat industrial hoses are only one of many hoses types available in our company but we have a couple of couplings include the LDHC series, Storz couplings, Bauer couplings, and more. Our team members work hand in hand with the customers because we design a unique and outstanding customized solution. You should understand if our company is also an efficient flow transfer solution supplier. The layflat slurry hose is one of our good product to order.

To help you get what you really want on layflat slurry hose, you can make it by request. Do not hesitate to visit the Asoe Factory at Jiang Ning Gao Xing Industrial Park in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. We will help you in making a decision and give you a solution of what you really need. you do not need to confuse on selecting what you really need because we have plenty of ways to keep you on your desire. Ask our company about what you really desire and the concept of the hose you want. Is it all your need to know about the layflat slurry hose? We prefer many colour options for your order. There is also the sampling test and it will be done for each batch and some of the key specifications will be tested. To know better of it, please visit Yuko Company. We have the team members who work hand in hand with the customers to help them get the perfect result. We design unique and outstanding customized solutions for our customers. Tell us your budget and it is the initial way of helping you reach the low budget hoses.

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