The # 1 Time Waster in an MLM business

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  • Published October 13, 2018
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The number one time waster in network marketing is spending your time with the wrong people.I can't speak for you, but I've wanted success more for others than they have wanted it for themselves (on countless occasions). I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into people, only to find out that they were not really committed or willing to do "whatever it takes" to succeed in their business.

This has caused me more frustration, heartburn, stress and disappointment in this industry than anything else.People really need just three things to be successful in this industry. They must be hungry, coachable and willing to work. These three things actually sound quite simple, but very few people have all three traits.

People will TELL YOU that they want the big money and more time, but their actions prove otherwise. Talk is cheap. Our job is to sift and sort through our team members, just like we do our prospects, until we find people who are coachable, hungry and willing to work.Rather than personally sponsoring hundreds of people yourself, the smartest thing to do is focus on tap-rooting. Every time you personally sponsor someone, go help them sign someone up. And then go work with their new person.Keep repeating this over and over in depth until you find SOMEONE in that organization who will take the torch themselves and continue to keep doing what you were doing. 

You might have to drive a leg 20, 50 even 100 levels deep before you find ONE PERSON who is coachable, hungry and willing to work. Do that in three to five legs in your team and you will have a rock solid business that will continue to grow, with or without you.Another tip I can share is to give people assignments. That is what I do. If they complete the assignment and get back to you, give them another assignment. Keep doing this with them until they flake out or sponsor someone and then go work with their new person.What most people in our industry do is try to manage their team. They sponsor a few people and then look for ways to make their team members more productive. What they would be much better off doing is recruiting some new people personally and in depth.

The bottom line is that your time is valuable. Spend your time where it is deserved, not needed. Focus on recruiting personally, and in depth, until you have five people who are coachable, hungry and willing to work and then focus your efforts on coaching, helping and supporting them.If someone else won't treat their business seriously, why should you treat THEM seriously? Food for thought.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​One of the most important parts of your business is learning how to effectively present your opportunity to your prospects.This is a SKILL that must be learned. What I want to do in the rest of this article is share a few simple tips to help you do that effectively.

  1. Use third-party tools whenever possible. You want to be the messenger, not the message. Never, ever do a presentation yourself, even if you are great at doing it. Use a third-party tool, such as a video or webinar. The reason you don’t want to present your opportunity yourself is (1) you are either really good at it and your prospect will think they can never do what you do or (2) you will be really bad at it, and your prospect will not be interested. By using a third-party tool, you are giving a consistent presentation every single time. And, you are removing yourself from the equation.

  2. Keep your presentation short. In modern times, people have short attention spans. Therefore, make sure your presentation is less than 20 minutes. Five to ten minutes is ideal. Focus on the key points, the BENEFITS. Focus on your prospect’s emotions and what’s in it for them. And remember, your prospect does not need to know every single detail before they join the business.

  3. Do not give the person information overload. The last thing you want to do is give your prospect information overload. Once again, focus on a few key points. They do not need to know where the company founder went to college, every detail about the comp plan, and company history. They can learn those things after they join the opportunity.

  4. Make sure people leave the presentation with business tools, samples and a follow-up appointment. Very few people are going to sign up on the spot, so make sure they leave your presentation with something they can take home with them.

  5. Always ask for the sale. At the end of EVERY presentation, be sure to ask for the sale. Ask the person the following question. "What questions do you need me to answer for you before we get you started today?" Let them answer your question and then walk them through the sign-up process.

  6. Assume the person is going to buy. In your head, you must believe your prospect is going to buy or join. This is called the assumptive close. I believe in the Law of Attraction, which says we get what we ask for. If you have negative thoughts that your prospect won’t join you, there is a good chance you will be right.

  7. Maintain good eye contact.Throughout the presentation, try to maintain good eye contact with your prospect. Don’t stare them down or make them feel uncomfortable, but try to model their body language and maintain good eye contact. If they lean forward, you lean forward.

  8. Be enthusiastic, but not over the top. I always tell my team members to be enthusiastic, but to contain your enthusiasm. Do not be so over the top enthusiastic that you scare your prospect off.

  9. Ask questions and listen. If there ever comes a point in your presentation where you don't know what to say or do, simply ask your prospect a question. Get them talking and be a good listener. You will learn a lot of great information by doing this.

  10. Hear, see and touch. People learn and interpret things differently. Use a combination of audio, video and something physical your prospect can touch, during the presentation, such as a sample. This will appeal to all their senses and make your presentation more effective.

There you have it folks. These are some basic tips on how to give an effective MLM Presentation. I hope you found the information helpful. What are your thoughts? What are some of your best tips on giving an effective MLM Presentation? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.​​​​​​​

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