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  • Published November 4, 2018
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Are you looking for a safe place where you can invest your money for the future but life insurance have too stringent legislation, you don’t even trust private bank or bank in general enough? Have you ever thought about something halfway between the two? Intus life could be the answer!

Intus Life is an innovative and independent wealth planning product provider,

you can enjoy the security of life insurance and at the same time the flexibility of private banks. Take advantage of the fantastic savings services of Intus is really easy, just consult the website and take a look at the services offered, surely there will also be what is right for you! In fact, Intus Life offers not only opportunities for savings but also investment: it is not even necessary to abandon the financial institutions that you trust, just rely on a trusted broker or family lawyer and leave him the bureaucratic part of the matter . Once you find a trusted person who can fill this role you can easily relax and for any question, ask for information directly to Intus that makes transparency a virtue!

Intus Life is based in Estonia and respects the laws!

After making sure you have deposited your savings in a safe place such as Intus, you can relax and leave the bureaucracy to the agency, Intus Life is based in Tallinn Estonia, transparency and compliance with local legislation is a priority for the proper functioning of the 'company. A rigorous system of controls is imposed by default within the company and the information request function can be exercised by each customer who intends to know in depth the positioning of their savings and / or investments. For any eventuality then, you can always count on your family lawyer or trust broker; to take advantage of the benefits of Intus Life you will therefore have to rely on an expert and competent person, if you do not have one you can always enter your data and get a recommendation from the company that operates with established subjects in the industry. If you are already able to orient yourself in the world of life insurance and / or you are a broker, you can work with Intus in the investment area and receive a customer portfolio from the company itself.

Investments options: Intus Life and fixed interest

The investment packages offered by Intus are of two types, we can find fixed and variable interest accounts: for fixed interest accounts we find the availability of a twelve month contract up to one hundred and twenty months, the income as stated is stable and fixed in the time arc. If we are looking for a higher return, the Intus Life package "called account" is the right choice for you, the investment can be of one, three or six months and the return is definitely higher as it is related to the brevity and riskiness of movement.

Other types of investments are from five to thirty years, the payment of the same can be fixed monthly, quarterly or semi-annual and each payment, includes the repayment of principal and accrued interest. Furthermore, in the event of death, the residual capital will be repaid.

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