What Factors Can Affect My Motorcycle Accident Settlement In New Jersey?


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  • Published November 21, 2018
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If you have been injured in an accident in New Jersey it is apparently important to know that these injuries can be some of the other ways going to affect your life in the future. As fresh injuries don't pain initially, but later the pain gets worse and worse. Especially if you have been into some serious accident, the pain and the injuries can be more perplexing. When talking about accidents in depth, the reason for it can be numerous, motorcycle accidents are the most common ones to be found every day, this can be because a lot of individuals prefer private vehicle which is creating a mess a road, and the other possible reason is because individuals are in no sense following the traffic laws, not following laws is purely a sign of calling up a lawyer for you.

Apart from the negligence shown by individuals, nature has its own moods and swings, and natural destructions are uncontrollable, poor weather, a tree falling from a height and so on is not under our control this can be a reason to cause an accident. Simply identifying the negligence and getting started with the future plan is important. If you believe that you have a case, and this is purely on a condition that some injustice happened to you by the other driver, then you probably have a lawsuit to be filed. After all who doesn't want to recover the money after a severe financial disturbance resulting not by your mistake but by someone else's?

Here Are the Few Factors That Can Possible Affect Your Compensation Worth

• The Relentless Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are less safe as compared to any other vehicle on road; of course as the only safety is of the helmet than to a lot of people don't wear it even on highways. Here are a few major injuries that can affect the compensation worth.

  • Brain injuries (most common if the helmet isn't worn)

  • Leg injuries are bound to happen due to the severe slip

  • Arm injuries as the bike tilt on one side causing one arm at least to get injured

  • Burn or scratch

  • Back injuries if the fall was on the backside

  • Neck injuries are also possible.

These are pretty unbearable injuries which if resulted to you will add a lot of points to your compensation hike, because such injuries take time to heal, and the money spend on it is also high. So you can expect a settlement to fluctuate.

• Other Driver's Fault- Evidence

Of course in the phase of collecting evidence, you won't be the one doing it, your motorcycle accident lawyer has references of investigating team to conduct a thorough, in-depth, formal and clear investigation to get the most out of it. Though the point here has to be very clear that New Jersey is a no-fault state, which means you have to file a case and the insurance company would be responsible for helping you recover, but identifying the fault is your right and no one is going to steal it from you. Strong evidence plays the best so you can cooperate with the team:

  • Accident reports by police i.e. formally known as police reports have to be collected.

  • As the motorcycle accident occurred on road you probably have a scope to generate Surveillance camera footage. (Try your luck you may get one)

  • Pictures, videos of the accident scene, post-accident injuries could be a Savior!

• Medical Records

  • Medical records are considered to be an important form of evidence, now for those asking why? You are going to prove that you were injured with these records. So now you know why! Seeking medical benefits soon after the accident is utmost important, so what you have to do is don't wait any further, if you are still at home believing that the injuries are normal ones, don't do this big mistake, the internal injuries are unseen but can be present and can affect as well in future.

  • Go and seek medical help, collect all the medical bills, record it somewhere, see to it you have an overall estimate of your medical expenses. If you don't have strong medical consideration, the first benefit insurance company will have is lessen compensation for you, so if it is actually a severe case don't compromise on your compensation. Cooperate with the lawyer because this is your right, nobody got the right to affect it any which way.

• Your Fault (Equal Or Higher)

  • Just because you are injured doesn't mean you have a case, there are chances that the accident occurred to you was because you were highly distracted and if you assume that the court is going to give you compensation for the amount of financial loss you have incurred then you have to think twice!

  • The percentage amount of fault you have incurred will be deducted and then the compensation will be given. Like for example:

  • If you were 45% responsible, believe me, that 45 % will be deducted from the total compensation, in fact, the laws different in every state and area, there can be chances that 50% fault ones don't get any amount because they were partially at fault. So here you can discuss this with your lawyer in New Jersey to know exactly what amount of compensation will be provided to you.

I hope now the concept is pretty clear, of course, you may have a lot of other queries as well apart from this, you can get your answers easily but with the help of New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Don't wait too long to file a lawsuit and hire them because these come under the statute of limitation which if ignored can cost you further.

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