Field And Application Of Brushed Stainless Steel Pipe

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  • Published December 9, 2018
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The appearance of brushed stainless steel pipe material is the work of recent years. The vast shopping malls are still in the situation of oversupply for this new type of material, which makes the brushed stainless steel pipe material still exist in the shopping malls in China for a long time. The broad prospects. In the brushed stainless steel tube technology to today, the use of stainless steel tube drawing technology has also allowed the stainless steel tube material to have a wider expansion space, so that more precision objects, more high-end items can also use stainless steel tubes, together It also has a more artistic scent.

It didn't take long before the wire drawing technology appeared. This kind of rebirth technology was applied in the planning of the outer casing of the mobile phone. The stainless steel tube drawing technology made the mobile phone case not only have the metal texture, but also the drawing technology also made the general stainless steel tube have A new vitality makes the phone case more high-end feeling. The metal phone case made by this method is not only more expensive than other metal casings, but also has a long-lasting service life that cannot be compared with other metal phone cases.

In the newly launched Asus notebook computer, the stainless steel tube drawing technology is also used in the computer case. The notebook's outer casing uses this technology, which not only makes the traditional plastic case of the notebook computer more textured, but also makes the notebook computer no longer afraid of scratches, which greatly enhances the wear resistance. Moreover, compared with other notebook casings, the outer casing of the stainless steel pipe is more convenient, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of the shopping mall of the notebook computer.

Just as the Stone Age turned to the Iron Age, the era of brushed stainless steel tube materials will gradually replace the Iron Age. In the near future, stainless steel pipe drawing technology will certainly be used in a wider range of fields. With the development of stainless steel pipe technology, there will be more articles in the future that cannot be produced without the stainless steel pipe. Drawing technology will bring more and different changes to people's lives in the future.

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