6 reasons why a repair workshop needs a special management software


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  • Published December 14, 2018
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There are several types of repair workshops. The most common ones are involved in one of the following: auto repairs, boat repairs, cell phone repairs, computer repairs and furniture repairs. No matter the repair shop that you are involved in you would find repair shop management systems handy. I recommend Boachsoft Lowrider repair shop management software. Repair shop management software leads to a factor of ten. I am going to tell you exactly why you should acquire a repair shop management system like Boachsoft Lowrider.

To Track Customers

Many repair shop outlets have many customers. These may be individuals or companies. Repair shop management systems like Boachsoft Lowrider typically have powerful databases. They can store all your customer records. When processing a work order you don't have to enter all the billing details over and over again. With the powerful search feature available you can easily locate and select your customers.

This is not all. Each item you repair would be associated with a particular customer record. This also saves time when processing work orders. You can send mass emails to customers whenever you need to. When you process work orders for customers some may pay immediately while others may choose to pay later. Keeping track of the amount of money each customer owes is important. When you manage your business with repair shop management systems you can always generate a report of all customers who owe you money. You can then follow it up. Whenever you create a work order for a customer if the customer has credit on his or her account it would be applied automatically.

To Manage Work Orders

Another reason you should purchase a repair shop management software for your repair business is to manage work orders. A work order simply states the parts used for repairs as well as any labor costs involved. You would also find on a work order the costs of any special equipment employed. The software will make creating and tracking work orders very easy. Each time you add a part to a work order its quantity is decremented immediately and if you run out of parts it prompts you to create a new purchase order. Repair shop management software ensures that workers apply the same prices for labor performed. You only have to create the labor categories and assign the corresponding prices.

To Track Inventory

A good repair shop management system helps you track inventory. You can store all the parts you use, their quantities, their retailers as well as your mark up percentage. Whenever you use parts the quantities are automatically decremented. The powerful search feature allows you to easily locate an item in inventory. You can also print an inventory report whenever you wish.

To Track Purchase Orders

Boachsoft Lowrider and other good repair shop management systems link purchase orders to inventory. The purchase order system will store the details of your suppliers. When you add items to inventory you will set the minimum inventory level and the amount you usually order. Whenever inventory falls below this stated minimum level you would be prompted and with a few clicks you would be able to create a purchase order for the item. A good repair shop management system allows you to track purchase orders, vendors invoices as well as receiving reports.

To Track Revenue

Every manager needs to analyze revenue over time and make the necessary decisions. A good repair shop management system will help you to do just that. There are reports that allow you to view revenue over a specific time period. You can also print a summary of all work orders processed on a specific day.

To Track Hours Worked

Repair shops typically have several workers. Some may be experts in only one specific field while others are jacks of all trades. When payroll has to be processed managers need to determine the hours worked and sometimes, in some repair outlets, the actual revenue each worker contributed. A good repair shop management software like Boachsoft Lowrider will allow you to do just that.

A good repair shop management system should allow you to do at least all of the above. You can purchase networked versions which allow multiple computers to connect to the same database. A change made on one computer is immediately reflected on the other. This way workers can work on one computer while the manager works on another.

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