How the Best Dermatologist in New Jersey Can Help You with Acne

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  • Published January 10, 2019
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Dealing with acne can be hard. There is no single acne cure that is guaranteed to work for everyone. Around 60 million Americans live with this skin condition. This distressing and generally painful condition causes blackheads, blemishes, and pustules to appear on both the face and body of people suffering from it. A lot of the times, acne causes people to feel ashamed and embarrassed, this especially applies to teenagers. Fortunately, there are people who dedicate their entire medical practice to studying skin. Most dermatologists specialize in the diagnosis, examination as well as treatment of acne. So if nothing works for your skin, the best dermatologist in New Jersey can surely help treat your acne, whether you are a teenager or adult.

What kind of acne treatment will the best dermatologist in New Jersey provide?

Not everyone has the type of skin OR the same kind of acne. This means acne treatments need to be customized according to the particular skin condition of different individuals. A dermatologist specializes in this field. They will evaluate your skin and determine the kind of acne you have.

If your acne is mild, all it may take to treat it is an over the counter medicine. However, if the condition is severe, your skin may require in-office treatments or a prescription.

However, a dermatologist does more than writing a prescription. They will thoroughly examine your skin and question you regarding your skincare routine. This will help them create a customized acne treatment plan that would suit your particular skin condition.

Whether you get recommended birth control, chemical peeks or antibiotics by the best dermatologist in New Jersey, they have the credentials and knowledge to determine what treatments are required. They can provide the required peels and light therapies in their office as well as prescribe the medicines and creams required to keep your skin in good condition.

The dermatologist will also follow up on the acne treatments they performed in-office or prescribed. If a certain method does not seem to be effective, the doctor may suggest something else. No matter how much time it takes to clear up the skin, a dermatologist will continue to provide skin care advice and acne treatments until the skin condition is perfect.

If your acne is bothering you, it is time to deal with it. The licensed dermatologists at Dermatology Clinic can sort all your skin problems out and help you get the perfect, clear and glowing skin. Whether you suffer from hormonal blemishes or cystic acne, we provide a wide range of dermatological services and acne treatments to help restore, repair and improve your skin. Get your skin evaluated by the best dermatologist in New Jersey today!

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