3 Helpful Tips for Graduates Who Want to Setup an Online Business


  • Author Yaw Boakye-Yiadom
  • Published January 17, 2019
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Many college graduates want to setup an online business. People say only college graduates know it all because people forget about half of the things they learnt in college within a few years after graduating. Fresh out of college many have several business ideas and are looking for helpful resources in their quest to setup an online business. I will offer a few.

Whatever your products are make videos of your products available to your potential customers. Many customers never have the time to read lengthy manuals or online documents. They may not understand what you are really offering. Most products out there have several features. Customers use less than a quarter of the features available. The simple reason is that they simply don't know the potential of the products. Electronic devices and software are but a few examples.

When customers make full use of your products chances are that they will stick to your brand and your profits will increase. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. Videos definitely have more information. While customers don't read manuals many watch videos demonstrating the features of a product and how they can use them. Create videos for your products and make them available online. Don't make them too long otherwise they won't see the latter features. Don't make them too short.

The next thing you can do to increase your chances of succeeding is to create a compelling website. For online businesses websites are probably the only way many of your potential customers can find out what you are really selling. Let your ideas shine through your websites. Make sure the user interface is intuitive. Display your strengths first and prominently.

While creating your website optimize them for search engines. Most people search for information using search engines. Optimize them so that the search engines can index them properly. Paying a professional to optimize your websites for search engines would be worth it.

Offer bonuses. When customers decide to purchase an item to fulfil a need or a want they search for information from multiple sources. The information helps them make better choices. They compare offers from several sources before purchasing. Offering a few bonuses will give them one more reason to purchase items from you.

Don't forget that you will be spending money to acquire customers through advertisements or some other type of marketing medium. Customer retention would reduce the expenses of your online business. When customers are satisfied they stick to your brand. You would be spending less money on customer acquisition in the long run.

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