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  • Published January 2, 2019
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Utah is famous for its winter activities during the cold months! There are tons of activities to participate in and places to go when you come to Utah. Especially in Park City, we are famous for our abundance of soft snow. Even more so for skiers and snowboarders, Utah is a great place to come and have a great time. Utah is famous for its annual snowfall, with Alta averaging 551 inches of snow annually. From December through March, more than a foot of snow falls every five days. Our Snow density is 8.5 percent, which creates the perfect "body" to float your skis through powder. Also, eight driving miles is the difference between Cottonwood Canyons and Salt Lake City, so you can have fun in the snow then enjoy the city. You can enjoy skiing all day, then come enjoy the city life at night! Utah is also blessed by The Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake does not freeze, so lake effect is a possibility all ski season long. Resorts within proximity to the lake enjoy lake-effect periods which produce about five percent of the average precipitation from September to May. There are so many reasons to ski and snowboard in Utah during the winter months, and it’s clear that we have the greatest snow on Earth!

There are so many great places to go skiing in Utah. Utah Ski and Golf has four unique locations that are all in ideal areas, so you can pick the place to go that is most convenient for you! If one location is not right for you, we can even shuttle you to and from the locations! We will even take care of your belongings, shuttling them from place to place with you or taking them to your hotel. Our first location is in Downtown Salt Lake City, which can be a perfect location to go to for the city life at night. You can spend the day skiing, then retire to the city for some shopping and activities with friends. Our next location is in Park City, conveniently placed to have the best snow on earth. There is also the famous Park City mall next to it, so when you are done skiing you can eat great food and buy new clothes. Our third location is in Cottonwood Canyon, which is one of the most mountainous and scenic places in America. You can ski, snowboard, and more then relax and watch the sunset with loved ones. Our last location is also in Park City, which is perfect for all types of activities.

Come visit our locations and enjoy the fresh snow in these winter months! You will not regret it!

Ski and Snowboard rentals in park city are now easier than ever with Utah Ski and Golf

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