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  • Published January 23, 2019
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How can salespeople work their leads more effectively?

When looking for ways to increase revenue, you must review your lead management program. Everything begins with good lead management. With that said, here are some strategies for improving your lead management efforts.

Define the lead: Understanding when a prospect becomes a lead, to when you can act upon, is so important for the entire company to know. Knowing who the lead is, will make sure the lead gets pointed into the right direction and to the right salesperson.

Know your buyer personas: Based on your product, you might work with several buyer personas. Buyer personas are a generalization of your target customers. The personas will help you to relate and understand your customers needs and wants.

Ask questions: Engagement in knowing what your customer is looking for is key in selling them. You do not sell the pens virtues; instead you ask the customer questions to see what it is in the pen they need.

Customer relationship management tool: This type of tool will capture information about each and every interaction with any prospective buyers. It would be smart to provide all sales members with this type of tool.

Know your product: Just like you ask the consumer questions, they will be asking them back. You should never not know the answer. Not knowing the answer will make the consumer doubt the product entirely.

Spot the source: It's not uncommon to be asked where you heard about the product. Tracking the source will give valuable information on what caused the consumer to reach out to your product. Most products are found through online ads, referrals, ratings, etc. If you do not spot the source, you will have no way of figuring out what is working in ads for your product.

Provide valuable material: Once you know your lead is qualified, it's time to close the gap on the sale. To do this, you must send them relevant and valuable information and material.

Distribute your leads quickly: It is found that if you respond within 48 hours of a prospect contacting you, you will be closer to closing the deal. Responding quickly shows that you are interested in their wants and needs.

What are good practices for handling a new lead?

Nurture your lead: Most leads are not ready by the first phone call, you must nurture them. Develop campaigns where you reach out to your leads in multiple ways.

Produce collateral: Collateral can help answer any questions your leads may have. Such collateral includes blog posts, articles, case studies, testimonials, and sales decks.

When and how often should they be contacted? The best time to contact a lead, especially if it is an online lead, is usually that same day or at least within the first four days. Try and follow up with that lead 3-5 times through phone or email, if there is no response, move on.

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