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  • Author Mary Li
  • Published February 13, 2019
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In this all-digital era, it might be natural if the function of ladies designer watch as a timepiece was increasingly questionable. Previously, the watch itself was indeed the main aim to show time, because before the digital era, timers were not items that could be found easily.

But over time, the timepiece can not be denied more and more eroded. Because it is increasingly easy for someone to get information about the current time. One aspect that might seem trivial, can be important for some people.Without a watch, often the wrist feels empty and uncomfortable. So, the wear of a watch has become a mandatory accessory that must be attached to the wrist every time. Own ladies designer watches, can be a simple accessories that are a final complement, especially for professional workers. Because people who wear watches, often have the impression that they have prepared everything neatly, including the matter of dressing themselves.

Then, the question that often arises is, "why do we still have to wear a watch?" Despite the large number of digital media, it is nothing but a Handphone, which can also show the exact time. There are at least 6 reasons to wear a watch:

• Polite / low profile

Certainly, it is not polite, if we see the hand phone screen continuously all the time. Especially in situations such as meeting rooms where professional ethics are certain, seeing a cellphone screen is not an activity that can be said to be polite. In addition, the wear of watches is also more memorable because it does not need to take the cellphone for a while. Imagine when you have to bring your phone, just because you want to see the time through watches, but the only thing you bring is only phone, like basic store for ladies designer watch. Being polite is not always about saying nice but also being polite with what you wear.

• Practical

The easiest benefit to find is the practical value of wearing ladies designer watch.With the watch attached to the wrist, we certainly don't need to bother looking for and holding a mobile phone to see the time. So that when on the move where the two hands are being worn, such as driving, typing and so on, the watch is very easy to move.

Besides that, to see the time, the watch only takes less than 2 seconds to find out the current time. Meanwhile, for the hand phone itself, we must remove it from the pocket, press the unlock button, and return the hand phone to the pocket again when you are wearing ladies designer watch.

• There is always every time

Certainly, there are a number of occasions, where we cannot wear mobile phones. Like when our cellphones die because of running out of batteries, lagging behind and various activities especially sports activities where we cannot carry a cellphone. "Naked without it". It means that you will feel naked when you don’t wear ladies designer watch.

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Shahiba Kabeel · 4 years ago
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