5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Mattress from a Store

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  • Author Raj Khurana
  • Published March 13, 2019
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Your mattress can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your sleep and your overall health. If you keep tossing and turning at night or wake up feeling tired and sore, it’s time to visit mattress stores in Mississauga.

A new mattress is a major purchase, so it certainly deserves some thought. Here are some factors to consider when buying a mattress in Mississauga.

  1. Size

Do you need a King, a California King, a Queen, a Full, or a Twin? This really depends on the size of your bed, the size of your room, and even your lifestyle. It’s not necessary to buy a replacement that is the same size as your old mattress. Perhaps you no longer need a King now that the kids are older and they sleep in their own bedrooms.

  1. Firmness

The mattress industry currently doesn’t follow a standard measure of firmness—which means that one manufacturer’s ‘extra firm’ might be another’s ‘medium.’ This is why it’s important to try before you buy.

  1. Pillow top - yay or nay?

Fluffy pillow-top mattresses are trendy these days, but they are expensive and are not always necessary. Do note that a pillow top will likely go flat—especially if you’re on the heavy side—long before the mattress gives out. If you’re very lightweight, a thick pillow top mattress will serve no purpose because you’re not heavy enough to even compress the foam to touch the support system or underlying coils. You may be better off buying a standard mattress and simply adding a topper to get that luxurious feeling.

  1. Trial periods and guarantees

Ask the retailer about these details before you buy. Take note of whether you need to pay for shipping should you want to exchange your mattress for something else. Clarify any money-back guarantees. Some of the best shops provide their customers a 101-night trial. They also provide 10-year warranties.

  1. Price

This is a tricky subject. Some people make the mistake of overspending on their mattress, not realizing that they can find a mattress sale in Mississauga and pay much less for the same comfort. If you want the best deals, try to stay away from big box stores and go to specialist retailers instead. Don’t let branded and designer mattresses fool you—they cost more because a lot of money is spent marketing them, but they are not necessarily the best choices.

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This article is written by Raj Khurana, Owner of Evolve Comfort. They always aim to provide the best quality mattress in Mississauga, which suites your comfort.

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