What are Corporate Secretary duties in Singapore?


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Within any business, a Corporate Secretary’s responsibilities include assuring the integrity of the governance structure, being responsible for the effective administration of a company, guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and performing decisions made by the Board of Directors.

The corporate secretary is a critical post of any team in an office. This is primarily true of international or foreign investors who might not be close to the regulations in Singapore. If there are any amendments or changes, the company secretary will then need to act appropriately in quick response to such changes. Fаіlurе to dо ѕо wоuld rеѕult in a fіnе by the governing authorities.

Do I need a Corporate Secretary?

Every Singapore business needs at least one. The position cannot be left unfilled for more than half a year at any given time. So once you’ve started the business, you have half a to find somebody to fill in this critical post.

A Corporate Secretary’s duties may include:

  • Executing the decisions of the board of executives

  • Working as an adviser to the company directors

  • Examine company share transactions - assigning new shares, planning dividend payments and keeping all legal requirements

  • Liaising with lawyers, auditors, bankers, tax advisers and shareholders on board issues

  • Attending and take minutes of members’ and directors’ meetings

  • Ensure agreement under relevant laws and the requirements of regulatory authorities are satisfied (e.g., stock exchange)

What аrе thе соrе competencies оf a соrроrаtе ѕесrеtаrу?

  • A total understanding of a company's business

  • Working experience of corporate and securities law

  • Presentation of "presence" and outstanding conversation skills

  • Consciousness and inspiration toward CEO and directors ideas and opinions

  • Ability to read signals and present early warnings to administration

  • Ability to arbitrate and support in achieving consensus

  • Ability to succeed bureaucratic thought in the company

  • Detail-oriented

  • Flexible and creative

  • A sense of balance no matter how pressed a situation

Can I be a Corporate Secretary myself?

If you like. Here’s what you need to qualify:

Yоu have tо bе a Singapore сіtіzеn, or a реrmаnеnt resident, оr an EntrеPаѕѕ hоldеr.

You must not have been suspended from working as a Secretary.

You can’t be the Corporate Secretary and director at a time.

If become the Corporate Secretary for your business, keep in mind this role can’t be technical. You’ll be in command of important deadlines and documents so mistakes might cost you.

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