Temporary Staffing Agencies Aren’t Just for Unskilled and Entry-Level Workers


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  • Published March 18, 2019
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Staffing agencies are often misunderstood or misrepresented in the career marketplace. These full-service employment agencies provide a number of staffing and career assistance services to companies and employees alike, and go well beyond basic labor and entry-level office jobs. In fact, according to the American Staffing Association, staffing companies hire over 15 million contract and temporary employees every year, with an average wage of over $17 per hour.

The biggest sectors of employment for staffing agencies are in the Industrial and Office/Administrative fields, with staffing industry growth easily outpacing the overall growth of the economy and workforce in recent years. These agencies are a tool that companies and employees can use for many needs, but the number one benefit for everyone is the opportunity to manage uncertainty.

Millions of professional and mid-level workers utilize temporary agencies and recruiting services to find contract work and full-time employment. For many high-level candidates, the specialized job search assistance often provides better opportunities, more flexibility, and other perks that don’t come from direct-hire positions. In Missouri, Engineering, IT, and Scientific fields saw the highest use of staffing services in 2017, making up 44% of the more than 238,000 employees that worked through agencies.

Benefits for Professionals

All employees that utilize staffing agencies receive the same benefits. Some of them can be more advantageous to mid- and upper-level career professionals than you might realize. The biggest perks include:

● Specialized Focus: A staffing agency has connections with all of the best companies in the area. They may be able to provide access to contract or permanent opportunities that may not be listed elsewhere. They also have people on staff who are skilled in helping various industry professionals find the right fit for their career, whether it be temporary or ongoing work.

● Discretion: If you are searching for a new professional role and need to remain discreet in the process, a staffing agency can help. They can work on your behalf to find potential opportunities, while making sure your information remains confidential and doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands.

● Save Time: Busy professionals already have a full plate. Although it might be necessary, a job search may not fit on their agenda. A recruiting agency will help by taking the reins in hunting down the best leads and helping you through the application process.

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