What Beauty Product Should You Buy Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday?

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  • Published April 4, 2019
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Beauty they say lies in the eye of the beholder, and there is no better way to help your girlfriend enhance her beauty than by buying her a set of beauty products on her birthday. Sadly, many men are clueless when it comes to choosing beauty products for ladies. No matter how beautiful a person is, her beauty can be enhanced by the application of beauty products. Indeed, the possibilities are endless. Women who use beauty products look professional, put together, and ready for their day. Whats more, you don't have to spend so much, or even send any body. You can put together a great package all by your self for your girlfriend. But what beauty products should go into such a gift package today?

Makeup Remover

Although make-up makes a woman look and feel good, having makeup on all the time is not desirable, because there are times when she needs to take them off such as when going to bed. Ladies who do not take-off their make-up after wearing them, will accumulate dirt and gunk on their skin, and then will end up looking dull and lifeless because at night skin cell renewal takes place. A good make-up should be not only easy to apply but also easy to takeoff, and there is no better way to take off your makeup than to apply a make-up remover. Add a make-up remover to your birthday package for your girlfriend, because it will do wonders for her. There are many make-up removers out there, but not all of them are cheap. In choosing a make-up remover, do not spend too much money, and always ensure that you add a gentle eye make-up remover.


Ladies apply mascaras to their eye lashes. Applying a mascara helps to evoke a dramatic style in a woman, and so a mascara is indeed the best friend of most women. Add a mascara to the birthday package for your girlfriend, and she would be full of bliss the day after when she applies it. She will not forget you. You would be surprised to learn that the best place to get a mascara wand is actually from a drug store. Mascara wands come in different sizes and lengths, so be sure to have a picture of your girlfriend when you go out to purchase it.

Eye Shadow

Next add an eye shadow palette to your kit. You should purchase eye shadows that glide on smoothly, blend easily, and stay on the lids for her. You could choose glittery eye shadows, shimmery metallics, nude smokey shades, or bright color eye shadows. Just be imaginative, and choose the eye shadow you find most appropriate for your girlfriend.

Exfoliates and Cleansers

Add basic skin care products like exfoliates and cleansers to your birthday gift for your girlfriend. Exfoliates and cleansers improve skin texture and clear away dead skin cells. They can also help to combat oily skin and blemishes. When you go to a shop to purchase these items make sure you actually purchase the two, or you could opt for an exfoliating cleanser which is a combination of the two.


A moisturizer is a must for every lady because it keeps the skin supple, reduces oils, and protects against pollutants. Moisturizers are easy to apply, smell great, and ladies love how it makes their skin look and feel. Ladies usually apply moisturizers within minutes after cleansing, applying them usually right after washing their faces, in the mornings, before going to bed, before boarding an airplane and also right after boarding it. Do not leave a moisturizer out of the birthday package that will be presented to your girlfriend. An exceptional moisturizer is a must.


Foundation is a multi-colored make-up used to give the skin an even, uniform complexion, and also to cover skin flaws. Your birthday package will be incomplete without a foundation kit. When you go shopping for foundation for your birthday package you can choose liquid, cream, pressed powder, stick, loose powder, stain or balm foundation. There are foundations for dry skins, normal skins or oily skins. If in doubt choose the combination type. Coverage refers to the opacity of a make-up, and you will have to choose light, medium or full. Selecting the best foundation can be difficult, but if you speak to your girlfriend or her female friends then you will get an idea of the best foundation for her.

So you see, although men don't use make-up and know next to nothing about them, creating a birthday hamper full of beauty products for a girlfriend on her birthday isn't so difficult. There are many gifts that can be given to a woman on her birthday, but few of them would address their urgent concerns as well as a birthday hamper full of beauty products.

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