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  • Published April 13, 2019
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From startups to medium sized to multinational organizations, businesses face a common struggle which is a balancing act of plans, strategies, departments, and decisions. All the requirements are present, all things are in perfect working condition, but business is not exactly booming at the pace it had expected.

What exactly does your business need for growth and sustainability? Well, in today’s economy, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. This is where Step Change marketing strategy helps!

Basically, marketing strategy is a business strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. Marketing strategy is considered one of the most important factors in determining the prosperity or deterioration of a business. It is ideally drawn from market research and focuses on the ideal product mix to achieve maximum profit potential.

In order to really succeed in marketing, a marketing strategy is crucial!

Amongst its major advantages are:

  • Allows you to focus your marketing attention

  • Complete utilization of resources

  • Helps you in building authority and credibility

  • Improving brand awareness and recognition

  • Acts as a powerful resource of winning over your competitors

A marketing agency along with their staff of experts can help bring the desired outcomes through the strategies they have been using for years.

Purpose of Marketing Strategy

At the time of designing a marketing plan, first, a marketing strategy is taken into consideration. Usually, a pre-planned strategy consists of well-sketched tactics which are meant to meet the needs and to reach marketing objectives. There are numerous types of marketing strategies which are based on some criteria. The most common types include market dominance, innovation, growth, and marketing warfare strategies. A single one or a mix of them is good to choose after thorough market research. The purpose of creating different strategies is not only for different products and services of the companies but also for targeting different market segment or users.

Factors involved in marketing strategies

  • Product/service/item you want to promote

  • The targeted audience or buyer

  • The duration of the strategy

  • Budget

  • Expected results

Whichever strategy you may choose for promoting your company’s products or services, you need to take care of the above factors. Also, there must be a defined audience so that a specific category of buyers will be tuned in on the promotion. Budget is one of the major aspects to consider well. A specific budget is must to ensure that the strategy does not exceed the expected expenses for promotion as the bottom line is to recoup these expenses.

Gone is the time for outbound marketing where cold calling and traditional ways were followed. Now is the trend of inbound marketing and for this HubSpot is the all-in-one marketing software providing services like blogging, SEO, social media, email, landing pages, marketing automation, and web analytics.

Developing an inbound marketing strategy delivers you expected results along with bringing more revenue to the company.

Step Change is an Australia based strategically-led digital creative agency. Our combination of expert planning and sophisticated ideas is what differentiates us from the rest.

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