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The title mentioned above might not be an overstretch, however, if pulled off well, then portrait photography is something that will give you a mesmerizing result to have a glance at. Portrait Photography or portraiture in photography deals with humans, generally speaking.

Portrait photography has everything to do with a single person or a group of people where they pose at the camera with the photographer taking lighting and backgrounds into consideration. The end result is usually comprised of the faces of these people.

The main motive behind portrait photography is that the photos at the end must enhance the beauty of the person or the backdrop or both at the same time. People arrange for portrait photography to get hold of a decent pic of themselves.

5 Best Cameras for Portrait Photography in 2019

Now, it is absolutely certain that not every camera is meant to do everything in the world of photography. Maybe it will pull off to some extent but specific situations need specific cameras. In such a case, finding the best cameras for the situations would only make sense.

As far as Portrait Photography is concerned, there are a plethora of options that one can consider. However, out of those, there is only a handful that can be regarded as the best ones for the said job. Those are mentioned as follows:

Nikon D5300:

Digital SLRs are still the thing of the hour. As far as beginners are concerned, there is no better DSLR to start with other than the Nikon D5300. If you are willing to become a big thing on social media or begin with portrait photography as a hobby, then Nikon D5300 is for you.

It boasts a CMOS sensor of 24 Megapixel. Now, for starters, it is a super efficient option. Along with that, you get a WiFi sensor which is already built in. You won’t have any hassle transferring your images to a secondary device or even connecting your camera to your smartphone.

Nikon D610:

Compared to the Nikon D5300, the Nikon D610 is a mid-sized SLR that is up for grabs. Price wise, this camera is a touch expensive than the former. The extra feature of this camera is that it has the weather resistance cover.

Apart from that, it possesses a CMOS sensor as well, of 24 Megapixels as well as a decent autofocus. One of the most scintillating things to notice is that it has HDR or High Dynamic Range. The ISO range can also be increased up to 25600 for better low light photography.

Nikon D750:

The Nikon D750 is considered to be one of the best Digital SLRs of 2019 as far as Portrait Photography is concerned. The Nikon D750 falls in the FX category, that is, it yields a full-frame sensor. The size of the sensor corresponds to that of the old film.

High photosensitivity and face recognition in autofocus is one of the biggest features of this camera, which are not present in the previous camera models. It possesses a display which is inclined in nature. It is an added option to the flip-up screen.

Sony A7R III:

One of the flagship camera models presented by Sony in the current generation of photography, the Sony A7R III is a beast on its own. Possibly the best camera for low-light photography in the entire list of cameras mentioned thus far.

The best mirrorless camera in the market at present, the Sony A7R III is powered by an in-built image stabilizer, fast and responsive autofocus and more importantly, a sensor with 42 Megapixels.

Nikon D850:

The heaviest camera of the entire list mentioned here, the Nikon D850 is a great Digital SLR for professionals who are seriously into their craft without compromising a lot. It is a full-frame camera with a sensor of 45.7 Megapixels.

These particular options make its image quality probably the best among the lot. However, added to these things is the price at which this monster is available at the market. It has a 4K recording feature as well, up to 30 frames per second.

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