Signs You Need a Break From Melbourne Racing Tips

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  • Author Richard Taylor
  • Published May 15, 2019
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Many of us enjoy a dabble on the races and want to take advantage of Melbourne racing tips. While many of us will go through a flat spot where a big variance is unavoidable, but sometimes this is a sign to take a break from betting. Being a responsible punter means being able to review your performance and self assess, so here are some signs that show it’s time to take a break or change your betting strategy.

You’re Sweating Your Results More Than Typical

You should sweat the betting process, not the actual results. Just remember, it is impossible to control the results.

You No Longer Enjoy the Process

For many punters, the enjoyment of betting is solving the puzzle. If you have started to not enjoy this process, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. Fortunately, you can resolve this, something as simple as the basic form system that helped you to back your first winner can ignite the flame.

Your Mood and Social Life is Mirrored With Your Betting Results

Your working capital mindset is crucial for benefiting from Melbourne horse racing tips. So, if your personal or social life has started suffering because of your betting ledger, you’re either not betting with an edge, not betting to an effective plan or you’re betting too much. To effectively use Melbourne racing tips, you need to ensure that they are not impacting your social life or mood. While it is inevitable to feel a boost when you back a winner, your wins and losses should not impact your family, work or personal life.

You’ve Started to Make Irrational Decisions

If you’re acting on every betting tip you hear, you’re not following staking plans, not using a betting strategy or overbetting, you’re obviously not thinking clearly. This kind of irrational behaviour is a sign that you’re looking for the easiest option and may not be properly evaluating betting tips before taking action. Remember that there are no short cuts; you need to do your research and evaluate each tip to plan an effective betting strategy. So, next time you’re about to place a bet, ask yourself if this is a rational action.

You’re Trying to Rationalise Bad Betting Decisions

If you start to lie to yourself about bad betting decisions, trying to defend poor judgement or irrational choices, it is time to take a break. As we mentioned above, self evaluation is a crucial component of being an effective punter, so if you can’t be honest with yourself, your gambling habits may start to quickly spiral out of control.

So, if you find yourself acting on all of the Melbourne racing tips, you come across, insisting to yourself that it’s a great strategy, it’s a sure sign of trouble on the horizon that needs intervention.

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