Why Richy Hair Extensions are the Top Choice?

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  • Published June 3, 2019
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Hair extensions are the ideal solution for those wanting to add more volume, length or thickness to their natural hair as quickly as possible. Extensions allow women to experiment with diverse hairstyles, try out lowlights or highlights and follow the latest in hair trends, without harming their natural hair. You can completely update the way you look thanks to the application of extensions. When it comes to choosing hair extensions, Richy is a name that stands out in the industry. From celebrities to models and regular women, everyone loves to use Richy hair in London. Given below are a few reasons why Richy is the preferred choice.

Countless options and variations

Richy provides three extension solutions - hair flow, keratips and tape extensions. Their tape ins are made of human hair and are the ultimate reusable strands with absolutely no tangling or residue. The tapes are humidity and water proof, and non-allergic. They have an extensive colour collection of mixed and single colours in a variety of lengths for the different applications. With so many variations and options, Richy ensures that women are able to boost their appearance without any hassle. You can find wefts resembling the colour of your natural hair or you can add some playful shades to spice up the way you look.

Ethically-sourced European human hair

Richy hair extensions are created from the highest quality human hair that has been ethically-sourced from across Europe. Their wefts are noted for their consistency of natural shine and colour and strength. They always make sure that their products meet diamond and gold quality standards. The entire team of Richy makes use of innovative technology and takes proper care of the hair strands through the processing cycle. It takes them up to 3 weeks to bathe, colour and intensity each strand of hair. The result is luxurious extensions that can instantly help you transform your appearance.

Since the wefts are made of human hair, you can sure of the extensions blending seamlessly with your actual hair. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.


Women like using Richy hair in London because their extensions are long-lasting and of the best quality. The extensions are lightweight and do not cause any damage to one’s natural hair. Also, if you choose their tape extensions, you can wear them all day and even sleep with it. The extensions will grow out with your actual hair and you will not find them tugging or pulling your hair.

Low maintenance

The extensions delivered by Richy does not need a lot of maintenance. This is because the extensions are made of actual human hair. So, you can take care of the strands just as you would take care of your natural hair. You can wash them and experiment with different hair treatments, without damaging your actual hair. You do not have to worry about tangling or shedding.

So, do you wish to change up the way you look? You need Richy hair extensions. After all, a good hairstyle can add the zing to your outfit and instantly bring a little spring in your step. It can potentially change your appearance. With extensions, you can achieve any look that you want without worrying or fearing about causing damage to your normal hair. With wefts made of human hair from Richy, you can try out your favourite hair colour or straighten it. You can even try out various hairstyles.

In case you are unsure of the perfect extension application for yourself, you can reach out to a hair extension specialist who uses Richy extensions. The professional extension expert will be able to tell you the perfect application method based on your specific requirements. Moreover, professionals will even be able to apply the extensions correctly so that it looks absolutely gorgeous and nobody can understand that it is not your real hair.

Louise Bailey is the leading UK-based hair extension expert specialising in keratin pre-bonded attachments and tape hair extensions. She makes use of the highest quality, internationally renowned brands, such as Richy hair in London. Louise is constantly striving to deliver premium hair experience to her customers

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