What Makes Tape Hair Extensions the Preferred Extension Method?

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  • Published May 31, 2019
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Hair extensions help to upsurge the appearance of women. They add volume, thickness and length to one’s natural hair, along with the confidence to freely colour and try out other hair treatments. There are so many different types of extensions available today that changing up your look by adding extra hair is not a problem. But, when it comes to the best hair extension method, most women prefer tape hair extensions in the UK. Below given are some of the reasons that make tape ins the preferred method.

Low cost

Tape in extensions are the most affordable semi-permanent method of hair extension in terms of the cost of hair, as well as, the application. When compared to other types of extensions, tape ins are much easier to make and the application of tape ins take less than an hour. Also, thanks to the structure of the tape wefts, the cost of maintenance is much lower than other semi-permanent methods.

However, do not be tempted to purchase cheap tape ins made of synthetic hair. You must always opt for extensions that are made of real, natural hair.

Low maintenance

If you want to look great, but do not wish to spend a lot of time maintaining your extensions, tape ins are the ideal choice for you. Due to their 1.5 inch width and thin construction, they are extremely easy to maintain. In fact, most women forget that they are wearing tape ins. You just have to find a hair extension specialist who will help tape the extensions to your natural hair and then, you can forget about it for about 10 to 12 weeks.

Tape ins made of human hair lasts longer, without the need of much maintenance. The extensions will not mat, shed or tangle and you can reuse them.


Tape ins are reusable for about a year. You can use them for 4 to 5 applications. Reusing extensions are such a benefit, especially if you have had your extensions customised with any colour or cut.

However, to reuse it, you must let your extensions be handled by a professional. Only an expert will be able to properly remove the extensions, clean them, add new tape and re-apply them.

Minimal to zero damage

Compared to other extensions, tape ins are the least damaging. They are extremely lightweight, which means that they will not pull on your natural hair. You will not experience any kind of discomfort and will even be able to sleep and carry on with your daily activities when wearing tape ins. Also, you can experiment with colour on the extensions so that your actual hair is safe from chemical damage.

Flexible and invisible

You can do so much with tape ins that you cannot with other extension methods. You can wear them in any hairstyle - super high ponytails, braids and so on. They are incredibly thin and completely invisible. Nobody will be able to tell that tape ins are not your natural hair. They blend in so easily and you can wash and even blow dry them just as you would to your hair. You can even swim whilst wearing tape hair extensions in the UK. If you want invisible and flexible extensions to enhance your looks, you should try tape ins.

So, do you wish to give yourself a makeover? Tape in extensions can help you with that. You can get the length of the wefts, colour them in your preferred shade and even try out various hair treatments. You can do all this and more with tape ins. Now, all you have to do is contact a hair extension professional and find tape in extensions to match your natural hair colour. Once you have worn tape ins once, you will always want to have them on and enjoy the attention that comes along with it.

Louise Bailey is the hair extension specialist of choice when it comes to pre-bonded keratin attachments or tape hair extensions in the UK. She is well-known for transforming the appearance of renowned celebrities and models. For her work, she only implements the safest methods and finest quality European hair.

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