How to use social media as a life coach

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  • Published June 20, 2019
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If you’re a life coach and you’re thinking if you should be on social media, then yes you should. In this digital age, it’s important now more than ever for business owners to have a basic understanding of how they can use social media to their advantage. If done correctly social media can increase your sale, it helps you reach more potential clients. People spend hours a day on social media. They check out the pages of businesses or professionals that they want to do business with. But, how can this translate for you as a life coach? How can social media work for you and for other people in the same industry?

First, you must understand that social media is not just a way to gain clients. It helps in that aspect, yes, but that should not be your only goal. Using social media is a unique way for you to present your brand to potential clients, as well as connect and build a more meaningful relationship with your current ones. Think of it as your portfolio or personal ad, journal, and messenger in one.

You can use social media to post about things you love or inspire you. That way, you can come across as authentic and an individual who cares. Furthermore, you can use social media to promote your services. You can talk about your blog, courses, seminars, and other stuff that you have to offer.

You can also interact with your audience by asking for suggestions on what they want to see from you next. Also, you should ask them to share their ideas or thoughts about a topic. Make them feel like they are a part of a community. No matter the content, you must realize that it’s not all about the numbers. You should prioritize engagement over the number of your followers or likes. People interact with you, are the ones who form a close tie with you and your brand. These are the people you want to pay close attention to.

Make sure you tailor your posts for every platform. For example, you can use Facebook for short, eye-catching videos, questions, detailed infographics and links to your blogs. Instagram, on the other hand, could be your visual board for interesting photos, animated infographics, quotes, etc. Just make sure that your content is personal, intentional, well thought-of and provides value.

At the end of the day, what you show on social media reflects who you are as a person and what you stand for, so make it count. Are you using social media effectively?

My name is Roseunique Howard. I own an graphic design business.

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