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  • Published June 15, 2019
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Massage is a comforting experience, and it must be performed by a skilled therapist. It is beneficial for everyone, especially, to those who want to reduce their stress and alleviate pain from their muscles and joints. This category of massage is excellent because it improves the overall function of the body and encourages blood circulation. Take a look below how the full body massage in Edgware is done by a professional.

How it is done?

The massage starts by pouring essential oils on the client’s body and rubbing it in a gentle manner. It begins from the head, massaging the scalp using circular motions with fingers. The therapist moves her hands to the back of the head, and then, to the nape of the neck. After a good kneading and rubbing the area, she moves to the shoulder area. This is the best way to ease the muscles and remove fatigue. By squeezing the trapezius muscles and slowly working on the hands with a little pressure, you start feeling light and relaxed. The strokes and movement move towards the upper back muscles. In the next step, the side of the neck is massaged, and the strokes are repeated for a few times.

When the therapist moves to your arms and hand, she uses her thumbs to apply pressure on the palms. Whilst massaging the arms, smooth and long strokes are used with the help of palms and fingers. The movement moves from the wrist to the shoulder in the upward direction and is repeated for a few times. Once the massage is performed on the upper extremity, the therapist moves to the lower extremity. Special attention is paid to the calf muscles and the foot as they work really hard. Firm pressure is applied to the arches and the foot.

Firm and slow movements are applied in an upward direction from the toe tips to the ankle. Similar strokes are applied underneath the foot. Stiffness is reduced by massaging the ankle slowly and by rotating it back and forth. To massage the toes, the therapist slides her five fingers in between the five toes, pulling each of them. Next, she moves on to the legs. With strong strokes, she massages upward from the ankle to the knee, and then, from the knee to the thigh. The constant kneading releases the knots and the tensions in the muscles. On the thigh muscles, the pressure is applied using the palms, one moving inward and the other moving outward. This helps in circulation. Gently the movement goes to the lower back muscles with rhythmic and smooth strokes. Before finishing the massage, repeat kneading the muscles of the thigh and downward and upward movement from the knee to the ankle.

The session ends with light movements right from the shoulder to the foot base. Light movements give little pressure on the muscles, making you feel completely relaxed and de-stressed. The therapist allows a few minutes to their clients, helping them to acclimatize.

During the session, the room is prepared to make the experience more soothing and comforting. With low-lighting and soft music, the therapist sets a perfect ambience for you. The clients have to undress and lie down in the bed. Pillows are placed under the head and the knees, adding more comfort. Once you become comfortable in the environment, the massage therapist helps you to reach a state of trance and ecstasy.

Are you planning to book one? Reach out to an agency offering full body massage in Edgware. By availing a session, you will get rid of the toxic wastes from the body, strengthen your overall body function and feel more refreshed than before. This massage has other benefits as well, and it is suggested that it must be performed by a trained therapist. A wrong hand movement or stroke can cause adverse effect to the body. Instead of alleviating the pain, you may face severe sores in certain body parts.

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