03 Hacks To Create A Kickass Pinterest Profile


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  • Published July 20, 2019
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Creating an astounding Pinterest profile has become a need of the moment nowadays. It helps you to generate an enormous amount of traffic indirectly on your money site. And that’s the key to get victory in the big world of competition.

Pinterest already lodged with around 250 million users and comprises over 175 billion pins on its landscape. That’s impressive! So, an extraordinary Pinterest profile will help you to stand out of the crowd in a particular manner and assist in building the massive following base on it.

However, many people find it an intimidating task to curate a compelling Pinterest account. Maybe due to many reasons like either, they don’t know what to do or else they are walking an extra mile in some wrong track. That’s why here are the top 3 hacks which you should follow in developing one of the best Pinterest profiles.

High-Quality Profile Picture:

It’s a gospel fact that an eye-catching profile pic is the main ingredient for cooking the best Pinterest profile. So, before doing anything, you better watch out this thing. Agree, this is not something that can apply very easily. It requires gumption as well as some creative thoughts. That’s why below given are some guidelines which you can follow for creating something out of the box.

Abstain from logos-

It will be better if users don’t use the company logo as a profile pic. As such people generally interested in grasping things about you instead of your business. That is the separate part that after discovering about you, they usually take an interest in your business niche as well.

Avoid selfies-

I am not saying selfies are wrong or right. However, using them as your profile picture is somewhat amateur and not something different. Most of the people do this thing only, but we are here to draft something unique. These simple errands cannot help you Grow Your Pinterest Following

Only use the high-quality, clear, and bright image-

Make sure to always use the high-definition image with viable brightness. So, your blog niche and subject emerges out clearly. The profile picture should not be blurred out anyhow.

Look After Writing Aesthetics:

Your profile description should be as transparent as a bell. It should be like very easy, so, when people read it, then easily understand about your blog niche, the persona you share, and every single virtue of yours.

It will be better if your profile bio should be keyword centralized- as per your business niche. Therefore, people come across it more often whenever they search for Pinterest profiles with a specific keyword.

Create Compelling Pinterest Boards:

Your Pinterest boards should be somewhat relevant to your blog aspects. So, people relate to them instantly. It should not be something that reflects your personal favorites, likes, and interests other than your blog’s niche. Below are two suggestions for developing top-notch Pinterest boards-

Quality over quantity-

It’s not always right to stuff your Pinterest account with a plethora of boards unnecessary. The quote quality over quantity is suited perfectly here. You should look after boards that are definite in tone, very associative to your niche, and perhaps loved by the audience.

Interests of followers-

You can also pick boards as per the likes of your followers. You can gather pinnable images which most probably prove to be a visual treat for the masses.

These are the top three hacks which undoubtedly make your way to draft amazing Pinterest profile. Apply them ASAP!

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Peggy A. Mulligan
Peggy A. Mulligan · 6 months ago
We all know that quality is better than quantity, so choosing the profile picture is essential because everyone who visits the profile first sees the profile image. Thanks for sharing valuable points with us!

Roland Z. Harris
Roland Z. Harris · 6 months ago
Yeah, it's definitely true to avoid selfies. If you're running your business over Pinterest and wanted genuine audiences, so this point is necessary to keep in mind. Thumbs up for amazing article!!

Jeffery Wood
Jeffery Wood · 6 months ago
Thanks for sharing with us!

Gregory M. Matthews
Gregory M. Matthews · 6 months ago
Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms all over the world. You can measure the popularity with that, 69% of people search anything before buying it so, you know the influence of Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this article. It'll really beneficial to create an excellent profile on Pinterest.