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  • Published August 2, 2019
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PR and SEO for Realtors

Build your real estate brand and get more leads.

Top real estate brands and REALTORS understand the power of media exposure for their brand. They understand that by leveraging a full marketing mix of public relations, traditional advertising, and digital marketing their brand will reach the right customers at the right time. But, most real estate professionals are unsure of where and how to start with public relations and building their profile.

First, for us to look at how real estate professionals can leverage PR and media exposure for their brand, we must understand what PR is.

What is PR?

Public Relations is the bridge between brands and the public via the media. In short, the aim of public relations is to add credibility and brand exposure to your real estate marketing initiatives by getting positive media coverage. When compared to most other marketing strategies like pay-per-click campaigns, Public Relations is the most affordable form of publicity and unlike PPC campaigns, the lifespan of public relations is very long. Although many people are vying for very few available spots for publicity, if you establish a good relationship with the media by providing story tips or potential angles, you increase your chances of getting a coveted article.

Being Newsworthy

The biggest element needed to a successful public relations campaign is for the pitch or article to be newsworthy. Newsworthiness is judged on seven criteria, which are detailed below.

Timeliness. Is what you are hoping to comment on relevant to the current news cycle? Did a story just break that you can add value to?

Conflict Although most of the time, we hope that this is one that you can avoid in your career, sometimes it is possible for businesses to control a narrative of a story that contains conflict.

Proximity Is the story you are pitching relevant to the local community? Does it directly impact residents of a certain area?

Consequence Does the pitch or story explain the potential long term impact of the subject?

Celebrity Is there somebody or something famous involved?

Human Interest Is the story heartwarming? Human Interest stories usually have children or seniors at the heart of them.

Oddity/Shock Value Is there a house you are selling that is shaped like a flying saucer?

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