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  • Published July 29, 2019
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A four hand massage is an intensely relaxing and satisfying bodywork. In this rubdown therapy, two masseuses work on one client. They make use of synchronised moves to deliver relaxation and take the client into a deep state of tranquillity. Good masseuses treat the recipient’s body as a canvas and perform various choreographed, detailed and slow moves in varying pressures and paces. Since two therapists are simultaneously working, you can expect to experience double the relaxation than other normal massage therapies. This is mainly because two therapists are able to cover more ground that two hands cannot. So, at all times, different parts of your body will be catered to.

A four hand massage means fewer distractions

Experiencing complete relaxation is often impossible because it is difficult to tame the mind. The slightest distraction makes the mind active. If your mind is constantly trying to figure out the next moves of a therapist, it will become an obstacle on your path of getting the relaxation that you deserve. So, if you face similar issues when getting a normal two hand massage, the ideal option for you is to get a four hand massage in Mayfair.

When four hands of two masseuses hit your body, your mind is bound to react differently. Initially, you might find yourself trying your best to keep up with the therapists and what each one of them is doing. However, the struggle becomes real and real quick, and it becomes difficult to keep everything on the head in a logical order. That is when the mind gives up control and allows both your body and mind to fall into a deep state of trance.

A four hand massage is known to be a very powerful treatment for anyone who has a really hard time letting go of themselves during massage treatments.

Benefits of a sensual four hand massage

With two therapists working on your body at once, you can double all the benefits of a normal two hand massage. Given below are some of the perks that you can enjoy.

Increased relaxation

Irrespective of what massage you are getting, relaxation is one of the main goals. By making use of two therapists, a four hand massage provides more relaxation than the traditional rubdown therapies. The amount of relaxation is increased as four hands are able to cover various areas of your body. Whilst one of them is working on ironing out the knots in your lower body, the other can work on your upper body. So, the relaxation is even and throughout the body. This is why this treatment is regarded as the solution to a stressed and tensed body and mind.

Stress relief

In today’s competitive world, it is quite easy to feel stressed out. But, this treatment provides relaxation for not just your body, but also your mind. Two therapists work simultaneously to reduce stress and tension in the muscles. It helps to reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone. You will walk out of this appointment feeling like a rejuvenated and new person.

Female company

Do you miss female attention? If so, a four hand massage can take care of that for you. This rubdown therapy will have two masseuses looking after your needs. With two masseuses catering to your requirements, you will certainly become a happy man. There are agencies that will let you select masseuses of your type.

A four hand massage is a perfect solution to your physical, mental and emotional stress. This rubdown therapy is performed by two gorgeous therapists and there are agencies that offer both incall and outcall services. You can choose to invite your chosen masseuses to your private residence or hotel suite and be able to completely relax and enjoy.

However, before you take an appointment, ensure that the agency is trusted and provides discreet services.

When you are in the mood for a sensual and relaxing four hand massage in Mayfair, think of Tantric Top Massage. This is one of the most popular massage agencies in London and specialises in offering outcall and incall services in Mayfair, Chelsea and other areas. They work with experienced therapists who always ensure the best experience.

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