A Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Hair Extension

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  • Author Louise Bailey
  • Published August 4, 2019
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Here are a few things that you need to know about hair extensions when you are looking for the perfect one for you.


Weaving is one of the oldest and popular ways of wearing hair extension. Your natural hair is styled into cornrows then the weave is sewn into it. This method does not harm the hair, and it is ideal if you want to grow out your hair. You will also have your style done in a very short time. Weaves, however, can be very heavy and are an inconvenience. You need to weigh out other options before settling for a weave.

Clip in Extensions

This is one of the most popular and less expensive forms of hair extensions. They are also the best options for beginners because they are easy to take out should you change your mind about them. Clip in extensions come in different colours, sizes, and lengths which can be styled to suit your taste. They are a great semi-permanent look should you want a quick look for an event that you can easily take down later.


If you want to invest a little more into your hair, then you should go with bonding. These extensions are ideal for a long term look and will give you a flawless look once you have them on. Bonding extensions can last for 6 months, but you will have to sit in the salon for a very long time to get them fixed on your hair. You can also choose the thickness you want with this look.

Micro Rings

Micro rings are a more comfortable way to wear long and thick hair. They are a very common tool among salons today. The micro rings are made from plastic and silicone and are coloured to blend into the natural hairline. The extensions are attached to the hair and flattened so that you can easily brush, wash and style your hair as you desire. The rings get loose over time as your natural hair grows and you will have to visit your hair stylist to tighten them every few months.

Tape in Extensions

This is one of the latest designs of extensions and has gained popularity pretty fast. These extensions are perfect for a longer look; they are light and can be styled as desired. Tape in extensions also don’t damage the scalp and will let your natural hair grow easily. They are also quick to put on, and you can be in and out of your salon in under an hour. You can get this hair extension central London area with one of the best stylists in the industry.

Remember to  have your hair extensions done by a professional so that you do not damage your hairline or scalp in the process. Hair extensions can suit your need regardless of what type of look or style that you are going for. When choosing a hair extension, you should also keep the following in mind:

Colour: hair extensions come in very different colours, you can get a black, blonde, pale, and even a red hair extension. You can choose the colour that perfectly matches your hair, or you can choose a slightly different colour to blend into your hair for a different look.

Length: even though most extensions are long, they can still be cut to your perfect length, and you should not shy away from buying some just because of their length. Have your stylist cut them to the length of hair so that you can be comfortable.

Louise Bailey is an expert hair extension stylist in central London, a member of the hairdressing council and also a qualified Pttls teacher. Among her clientele are some of UK’s top celebrities and her expertise has earned her international clients as well.

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