4 Significant Advantages of Using Fabric Signage for Your Company

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  • Published August 4, 2019
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Being an owner of a business is not easy with the stiff competition out there in the marketing spectrum. Whether you are thinking about opening a new business or focusing on increasing the sales of your existing one signage plays a significant role in both the scenarios, be it enhancing the production of your company or boosting its visibility among potential customers. They are popularly used in the market for customer awareness while making your business stands out among the competitions. Quality signage is advantageous as it drives foot traffic while communicating to the customers about the services and the products offered by you. However, among the wide range of signage out there in the market such as poster cases, hoardings, soft and changeable signs, internal branding and many more, you must choose one based on your requirements.

Currently, fabric signage has gained massive popularity among many owners owing to its versatile nature and affordability. Beautifully customized fabric banners are known for their impactful presentation and are comparatively cost-effective to other forms of signage. They can be easily cleaned with machine-wash without any damage to the surface. Every year, exhibit designers and exhibitors are utilizing new ideas while using fabric signs for displays. Particularly restricted to the trade and retail industries, these signs can be both non-printed and printed. They bring an element of style and are perfect for simple decors. Since the material is lightweight, you hardly need anyone’s assistance to set it up or get the job done.

Before you decide on the type of signage to use there are certain factors that you need to take under consideration. The first thing you need to consider is the location of your company or business. Signage should be designed according to the locality of the trade. The signage should be noticeable to the passersby and should be installed in a way to gain the utmost exposure. Accurate installation of the signage should be the second important factor that requires your attention. Fabric signage or Flex Face should be fastened and secured properly either on a concrete walk or vacant lot. If thinking about installing near a high-velocity area, make sure to double the security. Depending on the business strategy, you can choose whether to go for the contemporary or the traditional style. Here are a few advantages of using fabric signage –

Visual Appeal

Fabric is known for its flexibility and functionality along with its visually appealing display each of which plays a vital role for the business to be successful while saving the money of the clients in the process. Whether the job is to introduce a new product on the market or capturing people’s attention, fabric signage does it all. They add a professional feel to your brand in the most effective way possible.

Customized Banners/Signs

Fabric signs or banner can be customized accruing to your requirement. This way you don’t have to worry about any other company copying your design. Also, since they can be customized, you can use this particular kind of signage to covey the customers, the kinds of products and services you are offering. Hence it is an effective medium to communicate with the customers.

Impactful Sales

Not many things can bring about elegance like fabric signage in the front window of your store. Many business owners opt for fabric signage for promotional purposes. As the fabric is tightly woven, the colour accuracy and vibrancy offered by fabric signage can be compared to none. Business logos look absolutely stunning when personalized with fabric and can be hanged in the conference room, outdoors etc.


A major reason for fabric signage being majorly accepted by clients worldwide is its feature of easy storage. A fabric banner or signage can be folded and carried inside a bag or stored into the shelf for the next event.

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