6 Marketing Planning and Strategies for Your New Plant Nursery


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  • Published July 30, 2019
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Those who love growing plants, owning and managing a plant nursery may seem like a dream job. The idea of transforming a barren plot into a beautiful landscape really seems exciting for gardening enthusiasts. However, when this whole thing gets a business angle, things get a bit complex and strategic just like any other business. If you are planning to start a nursery business, the first thing you must consider is plant marketing. In the UK there are various nursery owners who have turned their passion for growing new varieties of plants into a profession.

Starting a plant business can be a daunting task without the advice of a plant expert as there are various steps involved. Let's have a look at the following marketing plan if you are on the way to start your own business.


If you are about to start your own nursery, defining the product line is the primary step in the marketing plan. For example, you could sell innovative plants that you have developed by cross-breeding two varieties. As a nursery owner, your role is not just to sell exotic crops rather you can also offer gardening advice and even landscape designing ideas that are immensely preferred these days.

Know Your Market:

The next thing you must be concerned about is the type of market that you are catering for. For example, new flowering plant development may be of great interest for people living in Norfolk. Also, you can harvest the agricultural products that are not sellable in certain markets and this idea is a great one to make your business sustainable.


Already in the earlier point, the importance of market analysis has been mentioned yet it is also necessary to know your customers whom you will ultimately see your products. Your customers may be as a home gardener, a nursery owner, a landscaper or just like you who want to start a nursery but falls short of time. She/he might be one who wants gardening advice and also new plant varieties for their gardens. If your plan is big and your target customers are not just local people, you can easily take your idea to the next level by promoting it through different online mediums.


In every business knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your contemporaries can help you to form your target base. It is very important for you to sketch out the USP of your plant nursery and what it can provide that others cannot. All customers don't choose a service depending on the cheap pricing. Therefore if your services are innovative and provide good customer support, you will naturally build a good brand image.


Marketing strategies are the key to bring your brand in the focus. Develop your message based on your strengths and indirectly highlighting the weaknesses of your competitors. No matter your business is local or global, don't just depend on the traditional form of advertising or vice versa. From leaflets to banners and posts in social media, your marketing must be a good mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Nowadays most of the clients choose to buy new plants or hire plant experts for advice by having a look at the online reviews.


Budget like any business matters a lot to define the success rate of the venture. In terms of a plant nursery, you have to invest a good amount to deck up your nursery, buy gardening accessories, invest on new crops, hire an expert, and recruit staffs and also other factors. Apart from these, there is also a requirement to spend some money on marketing campaigns etc. Whatever you do, just remember that everything should have a positive result.


Being a beginner in the business, it is necessary to network with people who can help you to grow your business.

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