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  • Published August 12, 2019
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With myriad options in hair extensions, you may become confused about what to choose and what not to. Some extensions offer good length, whereas some give a wavy and voluminous look to you. From temporary hair extensions to glued on, clip-ins, semi-permanent to permanent hair extensions, you get numerous options to pick. Read on to know about the various kinds of human hair extensions available and get a better insight about their maintenance and longevity.

Clip-in hair extensions

Want to give a style up your hair instantly? The clip-in hair extensions are simplest to attach and remove whenever wanted. These temporary weaves are added to your natural hair, giving you a new look and a hairdo immediately. Whether it is for a night party or a corporate event, these clip-ins can transform your look within a minute. The best thing about this is no chemicals or heat is applied during the process.

Maintenance- These extensions have low maintenance. Do you know that clip-ins can be washed and dried like normal hair? It is suggested that you use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. As these extensions are made from human hair, you can colour it and try out different styles like, straightening and curling.

Longevity- Depending on your care and how often you wear the extensions, clip-ins can last for three months to a year. The fibres will last for a longer period if you take care of them with superior quality of products.

Weft hair extensions

Also referred to as sew-in hair extensions, these are stitched or braided into your hair. The technique is complicated which is why it is advised that it must be done by a skilled stylist in London. It takes a few hours and is directly sewn to the hair. The method puts a lot of strain on the scalp region, adding pain and discomfort, which goes away after a few days.

Maintenance- To protect the hair from damage, apply high protein shampoos and conditioners. Furthermore, it is advisable to opt for deep conditioning treatments once a week because your scalp will need moisturisation after the stands are stitched.

Longevity- Weaves must be removed every two months if you want your hair to grow. Maximum it can be kept for four months.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape human hair extensions are sandwiched on each of two sides of your actual hair. The application method is long, depending on the number of strands that are being added. The removal is easy and simple as no glue or heat is required whilst attaching them.

Maintenance- Regular use of shampoo and conditioner can loosen the tape-in because of the harsh chemicals present. This is why you should opt for sulphate free hair products because they are gentle on the hair.

Longevity- Tape extensions can last for a month or more. After you remove them, you can re-apply them provided that you have taken good care.

Micro-ring hair extensions

This is the most popular semi-permanent extension in which tiny wefts of strands are attached to your hair by using silicone rings or beads. To fit the extensions, a tool is used to tighten the rings or beads. It may cause damage to natural hair if the strands are not attached properly. Also, it may lead to hair breakage if it is not removed precisely. Therefore, hair experts are required for fixing and removing process.

Maintenance- The way you wash and dry your hair, the extensions should be cared for in the similar way. The beads will move down as your hair grows, hence, it requires repositioning every three months.

Longevity- These are semi-permanent and can stay up to four months.

These are a few hair extensions types. For better assistance, you can take help from hairstyling experts in London to know which extension is perfect for your hair. It is advisable that you go for clip-ins and tape-ins because the process is simple and provide your natural tresses with zero damage.

Louise Bailey specialises in hair extension service. She offers different types of human hair extensions to her clients all over the UK.

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