5 Reasons Why Small Repair Shops Are Using Software


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  • Published September 14, 2019
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John Smith, who has been operating a small repair shop in his hometown for many years, has seen his profits rise since he started managing all his business with a repair shop management software. He says life is so much easier now with software. He is not alone. Many repair shops are switching to software. Some are using simple desktop solutions, while others are turning to cloud applications. Why are they switching to software?

To Manage Their Inventory

Many repair shops usually have spare parts which they use for repairs. Keeping track of these parts, and ensuring that adequate levels are in stock can be quite daunting. Customers get frustrated when their favorite repair shops can't repair their items almost instantly because they forgot that a spare part was out of stock. When repair shops turn to software, their inventory levels are tracked for them automatically, and when levels fall beyond a set threshold, a notification window pops up to notify them, and also to help them create a new purchase order instantly. They no longer have to track suppliers. Some applications can actually search the internet for the best deal for a spare part, making life so much easier.

To Keep Track Of Their Customer Data

Managing customers is so much easier with software. Detailed customer data can be collected, and when the repair shop has new offers, such as promotions, some software solutions can actually send emails and text messages to their customers to alert them. They no longer have to enter customer data each item customers pop. Some auto repair shop management softwares allow repair shop owners to schedule regular maintenance appointments, and when the maintenance is due, a notification text message or email is automatically sent to their customers. It is clear that repair shop owners who are switching to software are winning.

To Keep Track of Work Orders

A work order is simply a collection of the number and costs of the various parts needed for a repair, the labor costs associated with the repair, and a list of extra machinery used in managing a particular repair. Previously, many small repair shop owners who have now switched to software, did this on paper, but in a very crude way. Today many use software and are therefore able to generate very professional receipts or invoices for their customers. Aside this, they are able to better track work orders. Many, who have several workers, can now accurately track the labor their workers perform.

To Keep Track of Purchase Orders

When inventory falls below a set level, owners of small repair shops can now create purchase orders. They are doing this faster, and they are also spending less money, because they are able to better select the best suppliers. All in one packages, are generating professional purchase invoices for them, and when they do receive the vendors invoices, and the receiving reports, they spend less time updating their inventory levels, as all this is taken care of automatically.

To Increase Their Profits

Many are switching to software because it reduces the complexity of managing a repair shop, and the increased efficiency increases the number and type of customers they attend to. Many small repair shops have seen their clientele as well as profits grow.

If you are an owner of a repair shop and are still not using an all in one repair shop management package, now is the time to switch to one. Whether you choose a desktop solution, an on premise client server application, or a cloud solution which can be accessed online from anywhere, you shall surely see your profits and efficiency rise. Go for it!

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