Unknown Facts Related To Bridging Visa C which everyone needs to Know:-


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Bridging Visa C comes as a savior for candidates whose substantive visa is under process and they are now a non-citizen of Australia, it allows you to stay in Australia lawfully till you get your substantive visa.

Visa Duration of Bridging visa C:-

Generally bridging visa c comes into effect immediately or when your current visa gets expired. If any below given situation happens then your bridging visa c ends immediately:-

  • The candidate leaves Australia when BVC is in effect.

  • The candidate gets its substantive visa for which he/she applied for.

If the candidate got their bridging visa C after November 2016, then there are certain changes in rule came into effect:-

  • 35 days after it granted it will end.

  • It will also end when it was found that your visa application is invalid.

  • It will end when you withdraw from the judicial review application.

  • It will also end after 28 days if you withdraw your substantive visa application.

Visa Decision of Bridging Visa C:-

If the visa is granted to the candidate they will get a letter from the immigration and border protection department which states:-

  • When the candidate can use visa.

  • The visa grants number

  • If any conditions which must be followed by the candidate.

If the visa is rejected then you also get a letter from immigration and border protection department which states:-

  • Why candidate visa is refused.

  • The time period details for lodging an appeal.

  • Candidate review rights if you have any.

Who can apply for this visa?

One cannot need to apply separately for bridging visa C if,

  • You do not hold a bridging visa E, even if your last substantive visa is expired.

  • When you apply for bridging visa c you should not hold any substantive visa.

  • Candidate should be in Australia and your substantive visa is going to be granted to only and only when you are in Australia.

Candidate needs to apply for BVC separately if,

  • Candidate bridging visa c is expired due to some reason and one is still eligible for the same.

  • Candidate current bridging visa c doesn’t allow working rights and one is facing financial crisis then one need to show enough proofs for that.

  • You need a separate bridging visa during your judicial processing to keep yourself a lawful citizen of Australia.

Forms to fill during Bridging visa C applications:-

If you are not available to fill the form online then you can lodge the application by post and for it, you need to fill the following forms


  • Form 1005 Application for a bridging visa

  • For incorrect answer correction, you need to fill the below-given form

  • Form 1023 Notification of incorrect answer

Why to hire a registered migration agent ?

The path toward Australia is formed with the help of different visas and this path is not easy as it seems. As being a normal person we sometimes can’t get through all the legal things included in the visa, for that we need a registered migration agent in perth to solve our problems. Migration agents are experienced person of this field they are well aware of migration laws so they will help you to make your visa journey easy and hassle-free.

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