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Vape Coils - An Essential Part of Vaping

Are you new to Vaping and wondering how it’s done? Worry not! It’s a simple process. Vaping is a modern take on smoking. Which involves the use of mechanical devices known as e-cigarettes or vaporizers. The luxurious e-cigarettes operate with the help of a power source. Attached to a glass tank filled with the new Vape juice or e-liquid. When the vape juice heats up, the fluid vaporizes and gives a sensational feeling to its user. Inside the tank, there is an atomizer which contains a coil of thin wire wrapped around a wicking material. The Vape Coils are responsible for heating ejuice filled inside the glass tank. When these Coils heat up, it turns vape juice into vapor. Which then goes up the tank and is inhaled by the vaper!

The Many Types of Vape Coils

Yes, there are many types of Vape coils! With an increase in the use of vaping, vaping technology has evolved. Typically there are two kinds of these Coils; single coil and double coil. Single Coils involve just a single wire wrapped around the wick. Whereas dual Coils means two loops around two wicks. But there are many different types of Vape Coils made up by a variety of different wires. Essentially these Coils come in Kanthal (FeCrAl), NiChrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Titanium. These can ensure temperature control and are specific to different e-cigarettes. It is up to the vapers to decide what fits their vaping experience.


The Coil is heated up to make the vapor production. The energy to heat them comes from the atomizer. And the atomizer head has an electrical resistance value measured in ohms. Why is there a need to select the right Ohms Vape coil? That is because the electrical resistance measured in ‘ohms’ will decide the size of the cloud! Atomizers come in high and low electrical resistance. With different ohm values mentioned on the side of the Coils. Lower ohm means the coil will heat up more. This will create more clouds but shorter battery life. And higher ohm will use lower power. Giving its users smaller clouds of vapors and using less amount of vape juice. Ohms being higher or lower is vapers’ personal choice for their best Vaping experience.

Choose the Right Vape Coils for your e-cigarette

Feeling confused with all this detail? It’s okay! It all depends on your choice of vaping experience. Just like you get to choose your vape juice flavor while vaping, you can select your vaping Coil. All you need to do is experiment a bit with a few Ohms up and down. And find out what you like. Sometimes vapers like more considerable clouds with more flavor to taste. Others may not want to use much vape juice while vaping and enjoy smaller vapor production. Thus loving the more cooling vape effect. So get your vaping coils today and start experimenting!

Know What’s Best for Your Vape Coils

While vaping there comes a time when you need to get your Coils replaced! This is when the life of them has ended. How do you know your coil needs changing? That’s simple! If your vape juice does not taste as before. Or if it gives a burnt taste while vaping it’s a sign to get a new fresh Coil! These are some signs you should keep in mind to keep your vaping experience best at all times.

In some cases, your vape can leak if the coil is worn out. Or you will hear a gurgling sound when inhaling vape juice. If you experience any of this, know that it’s time to get a new smok vape coil!

Change Your Vape Coils in Just a Few Simple Steps

How to change these Coils? Don’t worry changing smok vaping coils is easy! With time and practice, you will start replacing your them in no time! Just follow these necessary steps:

Step 1: Separate tank from the battery by merely unscrewing the tank.

Step 2: Next, open the tank cap.

Step 3: Once it is off you will need to do the same with the glass tank section from the battery. And then empty the tank by throwing away any remaining liquid.

Step 4: Now you will see the coil in the center of the atomizer. By the help of a paper towel, hold the loop and gently unscrew the coil.

Step 5: Then remove the old coil in the paper towel. After this, put in the new one in its place.

Step 6: Finally, you're done with the job! The new coil is in its place.

If you vape a lot, you will have to change Vape Coils around every week. But if you don’t, then your Coil can last longer for about two weeks.

Know the Right Mod Settings for Your Vape Coils

For vape flavor chasers its best to keep the temperatures of Vape Coil low. But for cloud chasers 80 or above will suit. Setting the mod temperature is the most comfortable way to improve the flavor you get from your vape juice. Specific flavorings vaporize at different temperatures. After all, various elements of vape juice come out at different settings. Thus vapor production for each vape juice is unique. Hence to hit the right ‘sweet spot’ you will need to experiment. And then customize your vaping experience by setting your mod settings.

Fantastic Vape Coils for Bigger and Thicker Puff

Moreover, the rate of airflow also matters when vaping. When you have a lot of air going through the Coils, the vapor production gets less dense. This produces a substantially more cooling vape effect but with less flavor. Adjusting airflow systems on atomizers will help you get the best vaping experience!

Furthermore, most vapers prioritize and prefer the PG/VG ratio of their vape juices over time. PG gives your vape more flavor. VG produces massive clouds of vapor. The common VG to PG ratio you’ll see on ejuice direct is 70/30. Choosing the right drip tip will also influence your vaping experience. More extensive drip tips produce an airier vape and are suitable for cooler vape and cloud production.

Some Simple Tips and Tricks for Your Vape Coils

Most coils have a suggested wattage setting and range. Let's understand this with an example. At 0.4 ohms, every Q2 Coil makes use of dual vertical coils. These are all intently engineered to bring you the excellent SMOK caliber flavor for e-cigarettes that works best at a lower wattage.

Keeping a few tips in mind and your Vape Coils can last longer and give you the best vaping experience!

Prime the Vape Coil: Add several drops of vape juice, one at a time. Through the holes at the top of the Vape coil. So that the wicking material is drenched in vape juice, and the e-liquid is absorbed as much as possible before filling the glass tank full.

Avoid Dry Hits: Never try to vape without checking your e-liquid tank before. If you vape with an empty glass tank, it will burn your Vape Coils.

Keep that Mod Clean: When you change your Vape Coils try to rinse out the components of your tank every once in a while as residue can build on your Vape Coils and reduce the life of your vape coil. Rinse it with pure warm water.

Our Vape Coils Stand Out in the Vaping Town

You are now heavily loaded with Vape Coils information! Now it’s time to try out the best Vape Coils in Vaping town. Don’t look too far! As eJuice Direct offers a great variety of Smok vape coils and many more. Vape Coils come in all forms. Any amount of ohms resistance you need, eJuice Direct has got it for you in the shape of smok vape coils. It is the best choice you can get for your perfect vaping experience!

Buying Vape Coils at eJuice Direct Means Savings!

What’s the best part about vape shopping at eJuice Direct? It’s the enormous number of discounts and deals we offer you daily! Thus, buy your replacement vape coil from our site today. We deal in all kinds of Vape Coils so don’t worry we have got you covered! And if you are lucky enough your choice of vape coils may be of sale! You should also check out our bundle offers for more significant savings!

You can Buy Your Choice of Vape Coils Online Safely

At eJuice Direct, we have all kinds of Vape Coils. So you can order whatever kind of vape coil you need. Just log into your eJuice Direct account. Add the Vape Coils you need to buy, preferably smok vape coils, to your empty cart. Then just go to checkout option. Select your payment method. And your Vape Coils will reach you in no time. Shopping at eJuice Direct is simple and secure. Thus, replacement vape coils have never been this easy before! We are Always Here to Help You Buy Your Perfect Vape Coils!

If you are confused and don’t know which Vape Coils you need, Worry not! We are here to help you out. The team working at eJuice Direct is here to assist you. Talk to us, and we will find you the perfect Vape Coils for your e-cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your excellent vaping experience now!


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