Benefits of Employing a Commercial Cleaning Company


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  • Published October 28, 2019
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Have you thought about employing a commercial cleaning company but are not sure if it is worth the money. A commercial cleaning company provides tailored cleaning services for businesses such as offices, shops, factories, bars and restaurants. Some commercial cleaning companies will also provide domestic cleaning services for homes. The exact services offered will vary from company to company but most commercial cleaners will have the equipment and staff available to carry out everything from dusting desks and emptying bins to industrial carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Company

  1. Saves You Time

Running a business can be a full-time job and adding organising and supervising cleaning tasks to your ‘to do’ list can sometimes feel like a step too far. This is where a commercial cleaning company can help. They will clean at a time to suit you - usually when your staff has gone home. This means that they will be able to clean your premises without disrupting you or your business.

  1. Use the Correct Cleaning Equipment

A professional cleaning company will come armed with the correct cleaning equipment. Depending on your premises and contract they will have industrial-strength carpet cleaning machines and floor polishers as well as water fed poles for high window cleaning.

  1. Properly Insured

A professional cleaning company will have the proper insurance to carry out work in your property. Their staff will also have had the proper training to operate any equipment they use safely. If your own staff usually carry out the cleaning work and slip or trip on equipment are you sure you are covered?

  1. Provide Cleaning Reliability

If you are relying on your own staff to clean your premises, what happens when they are on holiday, are sick or are just too busy? A commercial cleaning company will have a bank of fully trained cleaners who will ensure that your premises are always cleaned as agreed in your cleaning contract.

  1. Keep Your Premises Looking Professional

A dirty workspace or office is not nice for clients to visit. It sends a negative message about the way you run your business. A clean environment is essential to make a good first impression with new clients.

  1. Good for Your Staff

Everyone appreciates a nice clean and tidy environment and your staff are much more likely to work harder if they have comfortable clean surroundings to work in. They are also less likely to pick up bugs if everything is kept spotlessly clean.

Pure Cleaning (Scotland) Ltd is an experienced commercial cleaning company with offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. All our cleaners are experienced, vetted and background checked. As much as possible, we use the same team to clean your premises every week so that they get to know exactly how you like things to be done.

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