4 Benefits of Gamification in Learning


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  • Published November 30, 2019
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Two ways can be used to define gamification. One is to use game elements to make activities more interesting, and the other one is using the basics of gamification to motivate learners to keep putting the effort required to be successful.

The theory behind gamification was first introduced by Mendeleev when he created the Table of Elements.

Here are a few benefits of gamification;

  1. Aids in Cognitive Development

Gamification has helped in brain development, especially for teenagers. Brain games have become very popular, and they involve questions that the player has to think critically to provide an answer. These games improve the way the brain processes and stores information.

  1. It Boosts Physical Development

Having a vigorous brain activity is just as powerful as exercising the body. Individuals who play video games can enjoy long term benefits.

  1. Increases the Level of Engagement

Gamification boosts the engagement level in the classroom. Researches experimented by introducing a point system in classroom activities. They realized that the engagement level improved tremendously. This, in turn, increased productivity in the classroom.

  1. Gamification at Home

You can also improvise gamification at home to motivate your child to do her homework. If the homework is in bulk and is discouraging your kid – break it down into small parts. Every time she completes a certain part, reward her and let her level up.

She will complete the assignment before they realize it.


Games are addictive because of the nature in which they are developed. If implemented in the classroom, they could help in motivating students to keep learning and boost their engagement in class.

Even better, you may realize that even those who were not interested in classroom work are now loving it.

This concept can also be used to educate employees and boost their productivity at the workplace.

Many firms are investing in gamification programs every day, and results have been superb. There are no signs of slowing down as it is predicted that by 2021, more than $7.5 Billion will be invested in gamification.

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