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  • Published January 4, 2020
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Grow lights are the lifeline to your indoor plants. Choosing the proper light for your plants and the space you are providing for is key. There are many factors to consider when shopping for your supplies.

Types of Bulbs on the Market:

  1. LED's - These are the most suitable for growing indoors. LED's are very energy-efficient, emit only the wave lengths of light required by your plants to stimulate their growth and can be placed in close proximity to the plant without depleting the plants moisture, therefore requiring less watering. These are the most widely used and land the top 10 spots for Best grow lights.

  2. Fluorescent lights - come in a range of temperatures and output intensities. A standard fluorescent bulb is economical to use and has a long life. They come in a variety of choices other than standard, such as cool white and high output. High output bulbs are stronger and put out more power and light than the standard bulb or cool white, but are less efficient than a high output/high intensity bulb.

  3. Incandescents - these bulbs are generally used in your decorative electric lamps that you have around your house. The light that these bulbs emit is less effective than the other alternatives and are more expensive to use and less energy-efficient.

Benefits of the LED Grow Lights

  1. Low Electric Costs; the cost for electricity used for the LED bulbs is much lower then other bulbs. Some bulbs use up to 90% less electricity and energy than other grow lights. LEDs can be ran off of solar panels if needed, due to the incredible energy efficiency.

  2. Low Purchase Price; Initial costs of these lights may be higher in comparison to other types of lights, but in the long run are much less expensive. They do not require a ballast like the Fluorescent lights and also do not need reflectors, because the LED's have them built in.

  3. Extended Growing Season;These lights can be left on 24 hours a day without causing stress to your plants and therefore extending the growing season to year round.

  4. Less Watering; less water is required as the LED's produce less heat, which decreases evaporation.

  5. Long lifespan; the LED's are reported to last up to 50 hours without maintenance or replacement.

  6. Variety; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Some include - ceiling, vertical systems and inter-lighted designs. The wide range give you many options to choose from for the space you have and the plants you are growing.

The LED grow light is by far the most desired and best producing light for your indoor plants of all kinds. The wide variety of shapes, sizes and intensity make for a tough choice when shopping. You can increase the benefits of your lights by the following: (1) be aware of the amount of water that you use; these units do not produce much heat or light that would cause evaporation. Always check the condition of the soil before adding more water. If some moisture exists, refrain from adding more water. (2) Pay attention to the placement of your lights; placing them in the optimum area that allows even distribution of light to allow it to penetrate effectively into the plants canopy.

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