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  • Published February 12, 2020
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A corporate video is any video that is commissioned by a business or other organisation that is not blatant advertising. Most of them are published on the business’s website and have traffic driven to them via the business’s email list, and social media channels. Since they are videos, they can also be placed on YouTube.

Corporate video production has become increasingly important over the last few years, one recent study finding that 54% of customers want to see more video content from brands that they support. One has only to look at another statistic from 2019, which is that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which goes to show that there are a lot of people watching video. In fact, more than half of people today would rather watch a video than read about the same subject. It follows that if you are not using video today your business is increasingly going to be left behind.

Corporate videos can be used for a number of different purposes such as staff training, product or service explanation, staff safety, videos to promote good shareholder relations, executive proposals, and content strategy overviews, among others.

There are two main types of corporate video. An explainer video can be used to explain anything you wish about your company or the products or services that you offer. These are usually fairly short and often use a narrator which gives a personal touch to the video. A corporate brand video is used to promote your business and its’ ideology and message, but without openly trying to sell the viewer a product or service.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when thinking about a corporate video is failing to know what it is that they want the video to do. Saying that you want to "explain your service or product" is not going to be a lot of help to a video production company to choose the best style of video for you. You need to tell them what it is that you want to achieve, such as "increase our conversion rate" or "become more well-known on Facebook." That way, the production company will have some idea of the best way forward. A good production company will carry out some research into why you are not already reaching these goals. That way it can find some KPI’s that will have the best results, such as "increase the company’s turnover on product X by 20%."

Then there is the question of the best art style to use for your video. A good production company will be able to suggest the best style. One that resonates with your audience is an important factor, as is that it must match the purpose of the video. It could be whiteboard animation (which is also the cheapest type of video) or it could be 3D animation – which is more expensive but is becoming much more widespread today.

If you are making a corporate brand video, 3D or motion graphics are styles which serve to impress, but if it is an explainer video, whiteboard animation might be a better bet, as it has been proven to hold an audience’s attention when explaining something that is more complex.

For video content that gets the results you want, it is advisable to follow the path developed by Google which is Hero, Hub, and Help. A Hero video is a video which introduces your brand to a new audience and has to have a high impact. Hub videos are regular videos which use interesting content to increase brand awareness and develop trust in the audience, which is crucial. Hub videos can be released as often as once a week and they represent your business as a leader in your industry because you are presenting valuable content and answering questions which show that you are an important company.

Help videos are there to ensure you are visible when people search for related terms on the internet and are looking for answers. If you use Google to look for the most searched questions and keywords in your industry you will be able to produce videos that addresses them specifically and in turn that will help you get on the first page of Google.

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