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What Are Traditional Birthday


What can I send instead of flowers for birthday?

There are many gifts you can send to wish someone a happy birthday instead of flowers. Birthday Gift Baskets are always a great choice because there is such a wide variety to choose from so you can tailor your gift to match the persons hobbies or tastes.

For example, if your gift recipient is a chocolate lover you can send

them a birthday gift basket filled with all kinds of delicious chocolates like dark

chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries and even a snack or

junk food gift basket filled with nothing but popular candy bars that everyone

loves like snickers, recess peanut butter cups, almond joy and other treats they

are sure to love. There are also many different types of gift baskets such as a

gourmet gift basket for example. This type of gift basket is filled with a

variety of gourmet foods and snacks such as a nice summer sausage with cheese &

crackers and maybe even a nice bottle of red or white wine.

If your birthday recipient is health conscious than how about sending them a

healthy fruit basket filled with delicious crisp red or green apples, grapes,

peaches, bananas, and even some exotic fruits like mangos, kiwi or even a fresh

pineapple when it is in season.

Birthday Cookies

are also a nice gift. Fill a gift basket with a variety of cookies such as

Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Shortbread and even Biscotti! You can also send a Cookie

Gift Tower too. Cookie gift towers are a nice gift because all the cookies are

in beautiful keepsake boxes that stack up to form a gift tower that is very

impressive plus they can reuse the boxes to hold all kinds of different things

so it really is a gift that keeps on giving. Birthday cookies can be delivered

the same day when you order online as well, so if you forgot someone's birthday

or need to send it fast, sending cookies for a birthday is a great birthday

idea. There are also Personalized Birthday Cookies too. Remember, you can send

birthday cookies the same day.

The best part about sending a gift

basket is that you don't have to make it yourself. There are many great gift

basket companies out there that create and deliver awesome gift baskets and you

can shop at your own convenience online easily too, plus there are no lines and

they are open 24/7 so you can shop from the comfort of your own home and take

your time choosing the perfect birthday gift.

A great birthday gift for a woman

can also be a nice spa or bath and body gift basket. These types of birthday

gifts for her a filled with all kinds of indulgent items such as body scrubs,

lotions & potions, nail kits, and other things that women like when they want to

treat themselves to a relaxing spa day. They can even include nice birthday

candles too.

Some of the best gift basket companies online are

The Gift Basket Connection.

This company has been in business for over 25 years and is a trusted family

owned business that offers one of the largest selections of gift baskets in the

United States plus, if you need to send a gift fast, they offer same day

delivery. One of the great things about the Gift Basket Connection is that they

carry AMAZING gourmet birthday cakes and even special birthday cupcakes too.

This is great birthday idea for children. if you have a child in school you can

have a birthday cake or cupcakes delivered right to the child's school so all

the classmates can celebrate their birthday together.  FYI: You can also

send cupcakes to their school for any holiday and the best part is.... You don't

have to bake them yourself!

Another great company is

From You Flowers. Not only do they have a wide variety of flowers such as

birthday roses, lilies, tulips and other birthday flowers with balloons, but

they also offer tons of

birthday gift baskets too. They are all created and delivered by a local

florist to ensure that the gift basket is fresh and artfully made. They also

offer delivery the same day as well.

So, when sending a gift for a birthday remember you don't always have to send

flowers. Be creative and shop online for the perfect gift today.

Same Day Birthday Gift Baskets is a national gift basket delivery service providing delivery of birthday gifts, flowers, wine, chocolate and more.

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