9 Reasons Why You Should Make Nam Du Islands Your Next Tourist Destination

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  • Published February 11, 2020
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Nam Du Islands is cranking out a bunch of fun-loving activities for people who cherish to sit back relax and drink in the glistening atmosphere of this small tropical islands. With an increasing number of tourists flocking here, Nam Du Islands is quickly earning its reputation as an off-grid tourist destination in Vietnam. If you have not yet been in this small paradise, here are some reasons why it should be your mainstay for enjoyment and retreat.

  1. Appropriate transport

Arriving at Nam Du Islands is very easy, thanks to the available convenient means of transport. The starting point being at Rach Gia- Kien Giang province, getting to Nam Du Islands is pretty much easier from there. To get to the province, you can take a ferry from the Mien Tay Station. This gives you a front-row seat to the view that will provide you with that priceless pleasure while on your way there. When you arrive, there is a speedboat round-trip to Nam Du Islands that awaits you. What better way to get within a hair's breadth than the crystal blue sea?

  1. Mouth-watering affordable sea delicacies

Nam Du is well known for its variety of seafood. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy that particular flavor of these dishes. From squid, green fish, snails, and sea urchin be assured of taking your taste buds on an adventure. On top of that, these dishes are very cheap, so you will not have to worry about making a dent in your pocket when buying them.

  1. The wild nature's breathe-taking beauty

The beauty of Nam Du is just on another level. Perfectly arranged, the islands have its immense blue sea on it's left and the green forests on the right. Through the thrilling motorbike rides on the coast road, you will realize that this place is a beauty to behold.

  1. Boat rides around other Islands

That experience that gets your adrenaline rushing is renting a boat to tour the other surrounding islands. Nam Du Islands has other bordering ones like the Day, Nom, and Mau islands. While traveling on the surface of the sea, you can see down due to the insanely crystal-like nature of it.

  1. The local's welcoming and friendly nature

The Islands’ locals are known for always having open arms to receive anyone who sets foot on the soils of Nam Du. Their sense of joy and laughter when they are with other people is what keeps tourists coming back.

  1. More destinations to explore

Nam Du gives you that freedom to explore Vietnam without being within the loop of modern facilities. There is no fancy like accommodations over there so you can go ahead interact with the residents in the heart of the islands. Who knows other destinations are waiting for you to explore!

  1. The priceless view of the unmistakable blue sea from the lighthouse

Apart from being a historical monument, the lighthouse at the heart of Nam Du gives you that spectacular view of the whole island from above. The amazing thing is that it's the perfect spot for taking photos!

  1. The amazing beaches

There is no better way to enjoy the beaches of Nam Du than spending time there. Whether you're alone or with a group of friends, you can decide to camp on the beaches. Just imagine... Waking up to the view of the sun floating above the sea and falling sleep on the calm sound of the waves of the sea landing on the soft sand on the shores. I know you feel like packing your bags and running there.

  1. The spectacular blue sea

The sea... I mean the sea! There not enough words to describe it's beauty. Its sparkling water adds to the known Nam Du' attraction sites. During the day, you can lie down on the soft sand of the beach and take in the beauty of the sea.

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