Lionel Messi Call's out Eric Abidal! Barcelona in Trouble?!

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  • Author Donnie Smith
  • Published February 28, 2020
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The latest in football and soccer news - Barcelona is looking in a crisis when Lionel Messi, the team's captain, called out Sporting Direction Eric Abidal for blaming the team members for the sacking of the previous manager, Ernesto Valverde.

Eric Abidal said that it was the players' under Ernesto Valverde's term were not working hard that caused the former's sacking. It seems like Messi is not happy with the statement of the sporting director and asked him to name the players and accused the director or tarnishing the reputation of the players of the club.

Abidal stated in the Catalan newspaper, Sport on Tuesday, "Lots of players were not satisfied (with Ernesto Valverde) and nor did they work a lot", he also added, "There was also an issue of internal communication. The relationship manager-dressing room has always been good but there are things, as a former player, I can smell. I told the club what I thought and that a decision had to be made"

After this statement, Lionel Messi took to Instagram to give a solid response to Abidal.

He stated "Honestly, I don’t like doing these things but I think that everyone has to be responsible for their own jobs and take responsibility for their own decisions,"

"With the players, it is with what happens on the pitch, and we are the first to recognize when things are not going well. Those responsible for the sporting directive also have to assume their responsibilities and above all take care of the decisions they take"

"Finally, I think that when players are talked about, names should be given because, if not, we are all being dirtied and it feeds comments that are made and are not true."

Seem's like Lionel Messi is pissed off about Abidal's statement. With his contract about to end, there is a chance that Barca may lose their star player. What do you think will happen on this one? Follow us for more sports soccer news and gossip from Asia and the world!

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