Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents


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  • Published April 6, 2020
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Working at a construction site is full of risk because there are too many things there that can pose a threat to physical wellbeing. Constant exposure to heavy equipment dangerous work environment and even harmful toxic chemicals can often become a big problem for people who work at these places. Even though the government has imposed laws that demand the employers to take proper measures and regulate these jobs to protect workers, some employers either ignore these rules to save cost and time which often leads to accidents, causing considerable problems for workers in the long run.

Construction site accidents take place due to a number of reasons that include lack of safety measures as well as negligence of employers and this puts the workers at risk. In order to understand what construction injuries are all about, it is necessary to take a good look at the common causes of construction site accidents to know what goes on and why workers deserve a fair compensation for what they go through.

This article discusses some of the most common reasons due to which accidents occur at construction sites and why the employees are entitled to a just compensation.

Slips and Falls

Most of the people get injured at work sites when they slip or fall from great heights, scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders, bridges and other such places of high risk. This mostly results from inadequate safety gear, crane operation error or any other form of carelessness on the employer’s part when they do not spend money on safety protocol or ignore them as it takes a lot more time and effort to do things properly.

Falling Objects

Construction sites have too much going around with heavy gear and equipment being moved from one place to another and during all this, workers face the risk of objects hitting them that can lead to brain injury or physical damage. There are times when tools or construction materials are left from where they can fall down and cause injury.

Faulty or Defective Equipment

Large and complex machinery requires precautions especially in areas where other people are also at work and when proper precautions are not taken, it can put people at risk and cause injuries that might even be fatal.

Fires or Explosion

Construction sites involve a number of dangerous and explosive or combustible components that include exposed wiring, chemical storage, leaking pipes and so on. There are some projects where explosives are present on the site such as excavation sites and lack of safety measures can lead to serious injuries.

Structural Breakdown

Sometimes breakdown or collapse of new or old structures can cause serious injuries and workers digging trenches or tunnels are at high risk. Extreme weather conditions can also lead the building to fall and lead to fatal injuries if proper safety measures are not in place.


Sometimes workers are pushed more than what their bodies can do to get the work done or complete more work. They might also be required to do the same task again and again and these work conditions can put them in extreme heat or cold which exerts the body to no end, causing temporary or permanent disabilities or illnesses.

Respiratory Disease

Workers at construction sites are exposed to dust and dirt as well as chemicals and other materials that are very dangerous when inhaled on regular basis. Inhaling these substances can be pretty risky as they can cause anything from minor infection to some serious respiratory disease.

There are many reasons why construction workers end up facing lifelong problems when employers do not follow the safety protocols that have been imposed by the government. Workers should report their injury to the employer in writing in case they have been through something serious and find the best construction injury attorney Pittsburgh to help them deal with their case to get a fair compensation for the injury that they have faced at work.

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