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  • Published April 24, 2020
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Copy this strategy to engage, capture and hold hostage all of your desired clients. If you execute this properly, you will be able to retain a HUGE number of current clients and reactivate past (lost) clients.

As many of you know, I still own my oriental rug and carpet business and I email that list at least weekly. Last week they got the following email:

"For some reason, a lot of my clients have asked me how I got started in this business. Back in the beginning, I was the only employee and I met everyone of my clients. I would tell them my story when asked. But for the last 5 years, I am usually behind the scenes. So for my new and past clients, here is my story...

The Beginning: I used to work for Walt Disney World as a senior leader in the resort division. My claim to fame there was the design and operation of Chef Mickey's! After leaving Disney (yes, people really do leave), I worked in the hospitality business for another 15 years; Legal Seafoods, Rain Forest Cafe and a few others.

But after 2 layoffs, I decide to start my own business. When I started the business in the summer of 2007 (The World Financial Implosion was right around the corner) my wife Gina suffered a severe medical problem. A blood vessel in her brain exploded and almost killed her. She spent 11 days in the neuro-ICU and many years recovering. She is better now, though the possibility of another bleed increases 5% each year.

My new business had become the only source of income. Which at the time was near zero! I then slugged and struggled through the next 4 years, enduring significant financial problems culminating in the loss of my home and bankruptcy.

Through it all, I was still tenacious, strong willed, passionate and had the burning desire to win.

The Middle: It was still rough (major understatement). My track record with employees was abysmal. I had one guy steal a van, drive it to Baltimore and drove head-on into an on coming car. Another guy was making side deals with my clients and another tried to steal my clients when he went out on his own. But this eventually got better.

I hired some GREAT technicians; Herbert, Stephen and Ike. Herbert was with me for 6 years and Stephen (7 years) & Ike are still with me. I love these guys.

Over the years we added new services:

• Oriental Rug Cleaning

• Wood Floor Cleaning

• Tile & Grout Cleaning

• Glass Polishing

• Stuffed animal cleaning (Yes, some folks want me to clean their kids plush toys)


Obviously, I still own the business, but my guys do most of the work. I have actually started a new endeavor; Coaching & Consulting business owners on how to implement the magic of the Disney Experience in their operations. I have even written a couple books:

• Systematic Magic: The 7 Magic Keys to Disnify Any Business

• Tales From The Customer Experience Crypt and Systematic Magic made it to #23 on the Amazon Best Seller List!! Woot Woot!!!

Now I travel around the world (just got back from Australia) teaching other about creating experiences in their businesses.

So that's my story, and I am sticking to it. Thanks for indulging me

So, what does this have to do with your business? EVERYTHING!

I got an overwhelming response to the email (even though there was no offer). 28 reply emails with 7 of them requesting work be done. Not bad for not having an offer.

Your story is what makes you unique. Remember, people do business with people, not companies. If you have been in business for a while, many of your clients may not know your back story. Heck, many of your employees might not.

If you have my Ultimate Newsletter program, then you know that I shamelessly use my family in my marketing. Many of my clients have watched my kids grow up over the past 13 tears. My clients ask how my daughters ballet is going. They ask how my son is enjoying college.

These are clients I will have for LIFE! They want to know about me. If you do this strategy right, your clients will never leave you until they die or move away.

• Do you need to have a "death and destruction" part of the message? No, but it helps.

• Do you need a riches to rags to riches story? No, but it helps.

• Should you talk about the evolution of your business? Yes, by all means.

Your story should be everywhere. Newsletters, books, poster on the wall, etc.

Share your story... It is more powerful than you realize!

My toolkit Systematic Magic shows you how to adapt and implement Disney strategies into your business.

It also shows you how to create an experience for your clients / patients and separate your business from being a commodity.

You can find the toolkit right here:

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