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  • Published May 6, 2020
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Countless people know the everyday ritual of commuting only too well. It is not always a pleasure. A constant look at the clock in city traffic or on the platform can start many days with an extra dose of stress - "Can I still make it in time?". There is a very simple solution to all of these problems: the e-bike.

If you want to live in the country, commuting to work is not uncommon. In large cities, however, a distance within a few districts leads to long journeys and the workplace is rarely just around the corner. Living at the desired location is faced with the numerous unpleasant dark sides of commuting. Seemingly endless traffic jams, delays, crowded train compartments or just the hopeless search for a good parking space.

The remedy for commuter stress

What may be overlooked in this calculation is that there is a solution to the mess. With an e-bike or pedelec, long distances can be covered thanks to motor support without getting too sweaty. The only way to speed past traffic jams with an e-bike is to stay on the train for a short time, if at all, and by the way you also do something good for the environment by avoiding fuel and exhaust gases. Good reasons to take a closer look at commuting with the pedelec.

Why are e-bikes good for commuting?

The positive aspects of your own nerve costume and the environment are decisive plus points that speak for commuting with the e-bike. The fewer cars clog motorways and city centers every day, the better the air, the quieter the cities. The result is less stress for the residents and less pollution for the environment. But also in practical terms, e-bikes are an alternative to cars.

Commute more flexibly with the e-bike

Around 60% of all workers in this country commute to work and need a mobility guarantee. If public transport is also more environmentally friendly than driving by car, you are far less flexible with the train - after all, not only does public transport have to stick to the travel times, you also have to be at the stop in good time. Cycling from door to door with the pedelec avoids nerve-racking waiting for buses and trains. Even traffic jams cannot stop the commuter on the pedelec. Unlock the e-bike, put on your helmet and start cycling - independently and without stress. Fixed travel times don't have to bother you any more than the traffic situation on the streets.

Quickly to work and back home with the e-bike

Depending on how long the personal commute is, the route can be completed even faster by e-bike than by car. Hilly roads are no exception thanks to the electric motor. Countless commuters have to travel less than 25 km to get to work and back home. It is not necessary to face the horror of rush hour traffic on such a route if you get on your e-bike instead. On routes up to 10 km in the city center, pedelecs can easily compete with the speed of a car - often they are even faster! Electric motors regularly support your pedaling power up to a speed of 25 km / h. If you pick up a speed pedelec, you can even reach 45 km / h without sweating. The nerve-racking search for a parking space is also no longer necessary, which - depending on the urban environment - saves a few minutes in the morning.

Riding an e-bike saves money and nerves

Even without traffic jam, the current fuel prices can spoil the joy of driving. Compare petrol station prices via app and even take detours to find the cheapest petrol pump in the area? Simply delete the tank app from your smartphone and switch to your e-bike! Pedelecs are not necessarily as cheap as a regular bike, but they are far from being as expensive as a new car and it is much cheaper to draw some electricity to charge the e-bike battery than with horror at the increasing amounts on the fuel pump to stare. The advantage of moving forward quickly and not too strenuously coincides with a significant saving in money compared to driving.

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