5 Important Factors to Consider When Building Backlinks

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  • Author Syed Huda
  • Published May 15, 2020
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One of the best ways to get your blog to grow is for you to build backlink connections. Backlinks are hyperlinks that link to your site. These links can be posted anywhere on the internet, and it will positively benefit your page rank. However, it is not as simple as asking a bunch of your friends to post your link on their social media pages. The characteristics of the sites linking to you have determined how much your site will benefit from their link. There are five main aspects of the site that you should look at.

Authority of the Page: Page authority is essentially how highly reputed a page is. The higher the page ranks on Google is a good estimator of how good of an authority that page is. Lower ranked pages or sites will not benefit you nearly as much as higher ranked pages will. This is because those higher ranked pages receive more traffic, and your link on the page will be shown to many more people, compared to if a lower ranked page created a backlink to your site.

Authority of the site: Like page authority, site authority is a measure of how highly reputed a site is across all its pages. Again, the sites ranking on Google will let you know how good of an authority the site is. Additionally, you can use Ahrefs to measure both page and site authority. The more authoritative the site is how much knowledge does the site in general actually have about the site. And are they a highly respected and reputed site?

Relevancy: The site that is creating a backlink to your site must be relevant to the content you are creating. Or at least, the more relevant the site is to your content, the more beneficial the backlink will be. For example, if your blog post is about different biddable media topics and techniques, having a relevant site, such as backlinko.com, link to yours would be a huge boost to your traffic and rank.

Link Placement on Page: The placement of your link on the sites page is another factor in how beneficial backlinks can be to you. Preferably, you want the backlink to be as prominently featured as possible, such as in the main body of their content, or even a specific section where they mention your site. This way, more people will notice it, and it can lead to more traffic for your site.

Editorial Placement: Having your link editorially placed in another site is a big deal. This means that your link was placed on the site because of the benefit that it provides to the content the other link is creating. For example, having your friend put your link on their social media bio will not actually benefit you that much. On the other hand, if backlinko.com was writing an article on the different factors that affect the impact of offsite SEO, and linked to this blog post, it would provide a huge boost of traffic, and consequently, would help boost my page rank.

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