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  • Published May 20, 2020
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Do you want a fun way to reminisce while you are heading your way to the future? If yes, it’s a brilliant idea to display photos on your wedding day. Apart from you can have an easy, affordable wedding decor, your guests will also enjoy witnessing how everything has started between you and your better half.

There are plenty of ways to personalize and add creativity to a wedding photo display. One way is by turning photo to text. You can take advantage of a service provider who knows how to turn a picture into text.

One of the good things about a service provider who can turn photo to text is that you can incorporate your favorite song lyric, poem lines, message to your bride or groom, or even your wedding vows. The photo display ideas below will help you make your wedding day more memorable and exciting.

Wooden Photo Wall

This wedding photo display will not only highlight your first dance as a couple but also make your favorite song extra special. You can incorporate the lyrics of the song and let your guests feel each line.

Ceremony Programs

Every wedding has unique memories to remember. If you want to make your wedding program more memorable, you can print photos of each generation’s wedding in your family onto the back part. Then, do not forget to include a brief description of how each couple fell in love. To put a twist, try to turn the photo to text through the description.

Seating Chart

When you turn images to text, you can use it to make a unique wedding seating chart that will guide your guests to their respective tables. This chart is another way to display your meaningful photos. You can pair each table number with the guest’s photo.

Sentimental Display

Other than your photo, there are other ways on how you can display your photos. For example, you can bring your favorite piano to the venue. Then, you can drape it with photos made from text, greenery, and eucalyptus and voila - your sentimental display is all set.

Hoop Display

Do you want to show off your favorite engagement photos on the big day? Then, bring out your engagement portraits and secure them with a white ribbon. After that, you can display it in the metal hoop.

Chair Decor

With the help of your chosen service provider, you can turn photos to text and make it part of your wedding chair decor. To make it more interesting, try to find your baby photos. You can place the decor at the head table. For sure, everyone would love to see your photos and reminisce of beautiful memories with you.

Make photos made from the text part of your big day. These photos will not only make your entire venue interesting but also unique.

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