5 Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

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  • Author Simon Vickers
  • Published May 21, 2020
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Currently, many more people than usual are at home all day due to COVID-19 lockdown using devices such as computers, laptops and TVs. Not only is the cost of electricity in the UK rising, but many people are also worried about their jobs.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to reduce your electricity bill.

  1. Switch to LED Lighting

Replacing your current light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bill.

In comparison to a standard bulb which loses 80% of their energy to heat, LED light bulbs only lose 20%.

LED light bulbs can also last up to 10 times longer than your standard halogen bulbs, therefore saving you money in the long-run.

Experts have also suggested that switching to LED lighting can save you over £240 a year in energy costs.

It’s also worth noting that LED light bulbs do not contain any harmful chemicals so if you wish to do your part for the environment too, then LED light bulbs are a great step forward in reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. Switch Off and Unplug Appliances

One of the simplest ways to save money on your energy bill is to switch off and unplug any appliances you are not using.

Before you leave the house in the morning or head to bed at night, make sure you have turned off the power to all appliances that do not need to be on – including televisions, laptops, kettles, toasters etc.

Even on standby or not in use, these appliances consume a considerable amount of energy.

Also, avoid keeping your mobile phone connected to a charger overnight when you go to sleep. Not only will this save you huge amounts of your energy bill, but it will also reduce the likelihood of electrical dangers occurring.

  1. Turn Off Lights

It may seem trivial, but switching off your lights when you leave a room can significantly reduce your energy bills.

It doesn’t just need to be when you leave a room either.

If you’re home during the day, the sunlight will brighten up your room without the need for any additional lighting.

Take advantage of the natural lighting whenever you can and only turn on the lights in your home when it begins to get too dark to see.

Before leaving the house or going to bed, make sure to turn off all lights in your house – including any front porch or back yard lighting.

  1. Hang Your Laundry Outside

Instead of drying off your clothes in a dryer which uses up huge amounts of energy, consider opting for a more natural process by air-drying.

If you have a washing line, hang your washing outside. Or even just hang it up on a clothes horse indoors and it will dry free of charge.

  1. Consider Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels may seem more hassle than they are worth, but in fact, they are a great long-term solution to saving money.

Although the initial installation may seem costly, solar panels are a fantastic solution to protecting the environment and the money in your wallet.

Sunlight is free, so running your home on sunlight energy can severely reduce your energy bills.

If your electricity bill is still high, then try somewhere like uSwitch to find a better deal.

Written by Simon Vickers of Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions - https://www.electricianinedinburgh.com/

LED Lighting Installations - https://www.electricianinedinburgh.com/led-lighting-installation/

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