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  • Published May 25, 2020
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A qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer has several roles to play during a criminal case.

A qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer has several roles to play during a criminal case. They are professionals who handle the entire case and represent the client who is charged with a crime. The role of such lawyer does not end here and they speak on behalf of the client and perform several activities like –

Assignment of the case: A lawyer is contacted to assign the case on behalf of the client and handle the entire proceedings in the court. They may be appointed by the individual client or even by the court. Once the case is assigned, these experts interview the client about the case and identify the opportunities to turn it in favor of the client. In this process, they meet an individual personally and try to get details of the case. For this, they ask some relevant and specific question that helps them to know the strengths and weakness of the case.

Investigate the case: Having a Singapore best criminal lawyer for the case, along with the general questions they also investigate and look for the possible avenues of acquitting the defendant. In this, they question police about the process followed so far and talk with a witness and look to collect the information in support of the case. Once all such details are collected, they use it to strengthen the case and protect the rights of the client.

A criminal defense lawyer has the right to review the prosecution’s case before it is submitted to the jury. This is an early step to finds the weaknesses and collects evidence to refute the prosecutor’s case. These experts also hold the responsibility to hire experts to test the presented evidence so far in the case.

Other important roles: A lawyer plays a vital role in plea bargaining and is responsible for negotiating the prosecutor regarding the plea. They use their expertise to reduce charges or punishment. They also cross-examine the witnesses and make an effort to convince the prosecution to meet the burden of proof. In addition, a lawyer is also responsible for jury selection and request for removing the jurors if found biased. A good lawyer stays in constant contact with the client and ensures that the entire conversation is kept confidential. They are also responsible to communicate the details of the case to the client so that they have a complete understanding of the proceedings and possible consequences.

Sentencing: A Singapore best criminal lawyer is required to represent the defendant during the sentencing phase and discuss the factors in detail to limit the time or look for an alternative.

With so many reasons, a qualified criminal defense lawyer is required once an individual is charged with a crime. These are experts who know the law of Singapore and stay with the client all through the case proceedings and work in favor of the client. No matter whether an individual thinks that there is no evidence against him, a lawyer has several roles to play and responsibilities to handle during the entire case proceedings.

Philip Ben is a law practitioner and works for a criminal procedure code. He is currently writing on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore.

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