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  • Published May 31, 2020
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The idea of putting song lyrics on pictures was not so common before, but it's now becoming a trendy thing to do. This can make you feel closer to that part of the lyrics you love most in a song.

In case you are just hearing this idea for the first time, and I honestly doubt that. Putting words into pictures in many ways can help you to pass your love messages to your loved ones, with the advent of many songs that are breathtaking and loving.

You can easily take advantage of these songs to tell the one you love how much you do. Even when you do not dare to use your words or you are just short of words. This idea can help in some of the ways listed below.

With Your Crush

Everybody is bound to have this whether you are a boy or a girl. And most times, expressing your feelings or how much you desire a person can be hard to do. You can come to a point where your heart burns with love for someone, yet you cannot express it to them. This happens if you do not have the courage or you are short of words to use. So, how can photo to text help you out? They help you put song lyrics on a picture, and that will perfectly do the job. It is very simple, get the picture of the person you are crushing on, be sure it is a very clear picture of your crush you feel will fit the song lyrics. Okay, as an instance, you want to describe how beautiful or handsome your crush is. Try and choose a picture you think is their favorite or a picture showing their full face, not necessarily the whole body. And note that it must be a good picture of theirs.

Your Loved ones

One of the ingredients of a long-lasting relationship is expressing how to feel about your partner constantly. When you tell them every time how much you love them. A picture with words will also help you in this situation, but in some scenarios putting song lyrics on a picture can do the work. Look for song lyrics that perfectly describe how much you love them and what you want for them. Or you can look for song lyrics that you both love and put it on a picture you both had together. Let's be practical to imagine putting a part of John Legend's song lyrics on a very good picture of your lover.

Another way this can work is using lyrics of a song your partner is obsessed with, can you imagine how that will turn out to be. When you do this for your lover, it shows how much you understand them and what they love. Or put song lyrics that both of you love and then put it on a picture that both of you had together. This will show how you love being with them, and you want the relationship to continue. And if you are married, you can put the song lyrics on one of the wedding pictures that you both loved. Through this idea, you will be able to communicate your love to your partners. Communication is very important in a relationship. For a little side Advise, if you are currently on the verge of break up and you want things to work between you and your partner. Then work on the communication aspect, work on it so you won't need the next idea.

In Break Ups

This idea might sound funny and somehow, but you will find it helpful because breakups happen even when you do not want it happening. And there are times you fought and break up with your partner, but you still do not want to let go of the relationship. This is when putting song lyrics on the picture comes into play. But you have to be very careful and picky about the song lyrics and the picture you are choosing. Two simple steps will work the magic;

• Step 1: Choose a picture of both of you together. Make sure it was your best moment in love.

• Step 2: The song lyrics can come from a song you both love to sing together. If your partner sees the song lyrics together on a picture of when you are in love, believe you are already in for a reunion. If you were truly in love, memories would flood their heart, and the past will now take care of the present.

Another way around you can choose a song that passes the message that you still love them. For practical, imagine putting a lyric from John legend that says, "LET ME LOVE YOU NOW CAUSE ITS ALL I GOT." And you can choose to be close to being old fashioned and choose song lyrics from Westlife, for example, "I DON'T WANNA FIGHT NO MORE I HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR, SEE I AM HOPING WE COULD START TONIGHT." Do you now get the idea? Try it, and it is going to turn out well.

For your Family

Some families either have a song or some songs special to them, and every member of the family cherishes. A song you sing while you are together. A song that meant a lot of things to you. You can put the most loved part of the song on a family picture that you all had together. And this can also be used as a gift for a family member leaving home for college or marriage. Or you could gift them a photo to words that features every member of the family. The gift will make them remember every lovely moment you all had together as a family.

After making necessary adjustments and you are satisfied, then select whether to be Printed out or you want to buy in JPG format.

Because of loads of benefits, putting song lyrics on a picture has. You must have been curious by now to know how it is done. It is very simple and won't cost you sweat here on https://photo-to-text.com/ . Upload the picture you want to use and the song lyrics you want on the picture. There are options for Adjustments as there will preview of the picture with song lyrics on it.

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