Seeing the Power of the Checkbox Guardian in Action

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  • Author Ellisen Wang
  • Published June 9, 2020
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When I first started building my email list, I wanted to use Facebook ads to grow it. The results weren't as fast as I liked it to be since I didn't do a lot of testing, but it was still getting me results.

But then one day, I got a comment from a person who came across my ad and wrote,

"Have to agree to receive promotional emails, no thank you."


I don't know why she had to be a jerk and make a public comment about it instead of just leaving my page and moving on. But I guess that's how some people are like on social media.

And if you don't know what she was referring to, I'll explain.

On my opt in page, I set it up so that unless they check a box agreeing that they'll get daily tips and promotional emails from me, they cannot sign up and get my free e-book.

In a way, that checkbox saved me from spending money on a wasted lead.

You see, when people opt in to your email list, you don't know how long they're going to stay with you. They might turn into customers, they might be signing up just to get that freebie and never open any other email you send, or they sign up and do absolutely nothing, they don't even download the freebie!

And when you're spending money to get people to your opt in page, a lot of it is going to be wasted on people you don't even want on your list. So if you ever decide to spend money to promote your opt in page, you should set something in place where you can filter out the people you don't want.

That'll not only save you money on advertising, but you'll have more qualified and responsive people on your list.

But don't just stop there. Set up more filters in the emails you send them too. Then if you start seeing people unsubscribe, then you know you're doing it right.

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