A Valuable Lesson to Learn From Photography

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  • Published June 21, 2020
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Last year, I took a film photography class. And honestly, it was one of the most fun classes I ever took by far.

I loved learning the whole old school photography process. Everything from how to use a film camera, to developing film rolls and printing pictures.

Throughout the semester, we would have to take pictures based on a certain theme. After going out and taking pictures, we'd develop the film and print out our top three pictures.

At the end of each assignment, we would do a class critique. We'd take our top three pictures, pin them on the board, present them, and get feedback (and roasts) from the professor.

One of the things he would mention a lot to improve our picture is framing. When you take a picture of anything, whether it's a person, object, or scenery, the angle in which you take the picture can change the "strength" of the picture.

And that's something you can and should do with your own business and products too. If you see that your product isn't doing well in the market you're trying to sell to, consider re-framing it based on your market's pain points.

Do it right and your audience will be a lot more responsive and will want to buy your product more, even if you don't change the product itself.

Here's an interesting real world example:

In 1982 Naura Hayden published a book called Astro-Logical Love. Basically it's about figuring out your personality and compatibility with others based on astrology. Because of the title, it's framed to only appeal to a certain group of people and only sold 2000 copies.

After that poor result, she republished it with a different title, How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time ... and Have Her Beg For More! and sold over 2.7 million copies and became a NYTimes Bestseller.


Because the new title now appeals to a different type of (and also a larger) audience.

That's the power of framing, and you can use that same power for your products and get much better sales results.

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