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  • Published June 22, 2020
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Let me tell you something about Pan Am.

Pan Am, also known as Pan American Airways, was an airline founded back in 1927. They were arguably one of the most innovative airlines that shaped the airline industry as we know it today.

I won't go into its entire history, let's focus on the peak of its era in the late 1960s.

One of the things they were known for was providing luxury air travel.

Passengers were flying in luxurious cabins, serviced by elegantly dressed flight attendants, and eating fancy meals.

Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events caused Pan Am to decline and eventually file for bankruptcy.

Fast forward to 2014, two ambitious individuals by the names of Anthony Toth and Talaat Captan worked together to bring part of the luxury air travel experience back to the present and turn it into an airplane-themed restaurant.

They called it the Pan Am Experience.

The entire thing takes place in Air Hollywood, the world's largest aviation-themed production studio, which I was kind of bummed about because I thought it took place inside an actual flying airplane. But that doesn't stop them from giving you a six star dining experience.

Five course meals.

Fancy beverage services.

A fashion show.

And fake cigarettes?!

Who would forget an experience like that? That’s a memory people would take to their graves.

Would it be possible to do the same thing for yourself and your business? To make yourself unforgettable to your audience?

Of course!

The key is to keep in constant contact with them either through social media, podcasting, hosting (virtual) events, and of course, emailing.

Although I'm personally not active on social media.

I don't have my own podcast.

I don't host events.

But I do email. And ever since I made the change to emailing my readers weekly to daily, I’ve been noticing a great increase in engagement.

I encourage you to try it sometime too, even if it’s just for one month and just see the difference.

If you found this reading helpful, there are more tips like these waiting to be read at EllisenWang.com. When you go there, you can opt in for daily copywriting, email marketing, and business tips. I'll also send you free sample chapters of my book called "How to Become an Email Titan." It teaches you how to write email copy that your subscribers will never get enough of and will make them want to buy from you.

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